Tuesday, October 19

Sánchez announces a housing voucher of 250 euros per month for young people

Pedro Sánchez has announced that the Government will launch a housing voucher for young people that will consist of 250 euros per month to facilitate the emancipation of people between 18 and 35 years old with incomes below 23,725 euros per year. The president has made that announcement in an intervention at the Urban Forum that is held in Seville just after the PSOE and United We Can have closed the agreement for next year’s budgets.

The president has assured that the objective of the public accounts for 2022 is to promote a “fair economic recovery”, but he has taken advantage of that forum to emphasize the measures related to housing that will be collected as well as those that he has implemented since Government in the last three years. Thus, he has underlined “in bold” that the agreement that he closed this Tuesday with the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, includes the first state housing law of democracy, which the Executive has been resisting for a year due to differences in the regulation of rent prices that have finally been sorted out with an intermediate proposal between the starting point of United We Can and that of the Socialists.

Sánchez explained that the pact includes a “special plan” for the emancipation of young people who are, as he has expressed, the “most vulnerable” due to “precariousness.” “We are going to create a youth housing voucher of 250 euros per month for the next two years that will benefit young people between 18 and 35 years old with incomes below 23,725 euros,” announced the president, who has ensured that there will be aid to the rent that may be a supplement of 40%.

The objective that the Government has set itself is to advance the age of emancipation in Spain, which is very far from the 26 years of the European average.

The main obstacle, which has been the regulation of the rental price, has been settled with the decision that it can be lowered by law in the case of large holders “based on the reference index for all contracts in the areas of stressed market “and the” withdrawal of tax privileges. ” For their part, for small owners, a “price freeze and tax incentives to lower the price” are agreed. Among the agreements that have been closed in the housing law, the coalition partners have agreed to “a reserve of 30% of all promotions for protected housing” and of that proportion “half will be used for social rent.” In addition, the regulations will include “tax on empty housing, through the IBI surcharge of up to 150%, which may be applied by municipalities.”


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