Friday, December 3

Sánchez announces a plan of 660 million euros to create 64,000 public places from 0 to 3 years

The Government undertakes to compensate for the regional underfinancing until the new model agreed with the communities is approved. The President of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, has affirmed at the closing of the 14th congress of the PSPV-PSOE that while the system of distribution of public funds is negotiated, the Valencian Community “will have the resources to guarantee the social and territorial cohesion of its citizens” .

The reform of the financing system and the creation of a leveling fund or an equivalent tool that guarantees the provision of basic services is a demand of the Valencian Government and of the three formations that comprise it since its first legislature, a requirement that has been reiterated in The deputies congress. In his speech, the secretary general of the PSOE, has insisted that the Government of Spain will continue working on “approving, negotiating and agreeing on a new autonomous financing system”, a request that Ximo Puig has reiterated in his speech in order to advance in recovery.

The secretary general of the PSOE accompanies the secretary general of the PSPV, Ximo Puig, in the conclave that revalidates his third term in the party. In his speech, the socialist leader has valued the vaccination strategy, key to economic and social recovery and has guaranteed that he will work on the reform of the regional financing system. Sánchez has praised the work of the Valencian Government since its first legislature, with the focus on the recovery of the public system. “The demand of the public, to have a strong and vigorous system, began in this land where, as soon as it arrived, the Consell de Ximo Puig repealed the pharmaceutical copayment and reversed the privatization of public health carried out by the PP”, has stated. In Spain and in the Valencian Community, he concluded, “where before there was precariousness, today there is commitment; where there were cuts, today there is a committed government, and where there was corruption, today there is an exemplary government.”

Nursery schools and an innovative tourism center

The President of the Government has announced that the Council of Ministers this Tuesday will approve an investment plan of 660 million euros for nursery schools. Sánchez has indicated that the task is that in 2024 more than 64,000 public places from zero to three years have been created.

Before their intervention, the presidents held a meeting with tourism entrepreneurs, where they announced that the Alicante city will host a platform for smart tourism, a new technological tool provided for in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan to “accelerate digitization and interconnection “of the tourism sector through data management.

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