Wednesday, December 6

Sánchez announces a plan to make 67,300 toilets permanent

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced the formalization of 67,300 permanent contracts for health professionals “at all levels of the entire Administration as a whole” to end precariousness in the sector. “The commitment of the Government of Spain with stabilization, with the end of the job insecurity of our public servants, is total. The effort that we are going to make is something that had not been seen in the history of the National Health System throughout democracy”, Sánchez said in a interview in the country.

Sánchez will use the debate of the Nation as a rehearsal for a new, more recognizable strategy for the left

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Sánchez has defended that “the common criteria have been agreed with the autonomous communities” and will respond to the “temporary nature that has existed for decades in the health system”. “We are taking a very important step in favor of putting an end to precariousness in health, which is the sector that has suffered the most from job insecurity, especially after the financial crisis and the neoliberal recipes that were proposed”, he stated.

The Government’s plan is for it to be approved at the next Council of Ministers on Tuesday, June 5. Currently, no autonomous community has less than 30% of contracts for temporary employment in this sector, while the established objective is to lower the maximum threshold of 8%.

Regarding the commitment to increase military spending, Sánchez has asked “the non-socialist left” to reflect on the “tectonic change” that has occurred in the international order after countries such as Sweden and Finland have decided to request their incorporation into NATO. “We are no longer in a world where there was a division between communists and capitalists. Now what there is is a group of democracies facing an autocracy like Russia, led by a corrupt and ultra-capitalist oligarchy that is trying to expand its territory in an imperialist way”, Sánchez assured.

The President of the Government has criticized that the PP, despite the change in its leadership, continues to be an “absolutely destructive opposition” and has recalled that it has been blocking the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary for 36 months. Regarding this, he has stated that he hopes that the legal reform to unblock the renewal of the Constitutional Court prospers in Congress and that in this way the four magistrates can be renewed, two appointed directly by the Government and two renewed by the Council of the Judicial Power, in the next months.