Monday, December 4

Sánchez announces new energy aid for vulnerable families and a reduction in gas for central heating

Pedro Sánchez asked to appear in Congress because he had a new package of measures to deal with the energy crisis: an additional mobilization to the General State Budget of 3,000 million euros with which he intends to protect 40% of households. “We can’t pick and choose the challenges that come our way. But we can choose how we respond, ”said the President of the Government at the beginning of his intervention in reference to the pandemic and now the war in Ukraine.

Among the concrete measures that the president has outlined is the extension of protection to neighboring communities that have central boilers and that until now counted as industrial consumers. A new regulated rate will be created for which the quarterly price increase will be limited until the end of 2023. “With this measure, around 1.7 million households will benefit from a reduction of more than half of their receipts compared to what they would pay in the market with current offers”, Sánchez solemnized. This was one of the proposals that United We Can, PNV and Bildu had raised in the meetings with the third vice president, Teresa Ribera, during the preparation of the Contingency Plan that the Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday.

The next cabinet meeting will serve to extend protection to vulnerable families with a reinforcement of the electricity social bond, increasing the discount applied to 65% and 80%. The amount of energy entitled to a discount is raised by 15%, according to the Executive’s calculations. On a temporary basis, a new category of consumers entitled to a 40% discount on their bills is created for working households with low incomes. This new category will benefit another 1.5 million families. There will also be changes in the thermal social bonus. In 2022 and 2023, the bonus budget for vulnerable households is doubled. In this way, the average aid will be doubled to 375 euros per household and the minimum aid will be raised to 40 euros.

From the announcements, Sánchez has made an argument in favor of paying taxes and has recalled that most of the surrounding countries, with the exception of the United Kingdom, and the European Commission itself are defending “the path of tax justice ” with measures such as the tax on the solidarity of large fortunes.