Monday, May 29

Sánchez announces that the Parity Law will also affect the Constitutional and the Judiciary

Pedro Sánchez announced this Monday that the Government of Spain will approve this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers the Parity Law for constitutional bodies. The president has participated in a PSOE electoral meeting in Cantabria, where he has focused on the importance of quotas: “Yes, they do favor meritocracy, that of those women who have not been able to break the glass ceiling”, he stated in the Santander Festival Palace, which has had an absolute capacity of around 1,400 attendees.

The new rule, which will affect the Constitutional Court, the Council of State, the Court of Accounts, the Fiscal Council and the General Council of the Judiciary, will be approved in a second round to be sent to the Congress of Deputies and approved in this legislature, that is, before the end of the year.

“Today we have a government that is parity and committed to gender equality, but there are other areas in which this does not happen,” said Sánchez, after influencing the feminist character of the executives headed by the PSOE. “Much remains to be done”, he acknowledged, after referring to the right on the description of “multi-advertisement man” that he has assigned to him: “They are not advertisements, we publish it in the BOE”, he has qualified the battery of initiatives that he is making known in each meeting of this electoral campaign of the autonomic and municipal.

Sánchez has reviewed the laws approved by his government in this legislature, in a context of health crisis, La Palma volcano and war in Ukraine: “If we have been able to do all this with the wind against us, imagine with everything favor”, he expressed, after charging against the right to which he only listens to “the verb to repeal”. “Repealing is not a political project, it is going back, to the Spain of 2013, of cuts, privacy and social conflict”, he pointed out, before adding that “they are angry because they have been announcing the apocalypse since I am president”. In this sense, he has valued the 20 million members of Social Security and “having one of the lowest inflation rates in Europe.” “The social democratic path, unlike the neoliberal one, manages the economy better,” Sánchez remarked.

The president has intervened after the secretary of Organization of the Cantabrian PSOE, Noelia Cobo, and the socialist candidates for the Mayor of Santander and the Presidency of Cantabria, Daniel Fernández and Pablo Zuloaga, respectively. Cobo has recognized the work of the president and has criticized the “stark opposition” in the worst moments of the legislature. Fernández has reviewed the management of the PP for 44 years in Santander, which has led the city to “the path of decline”, and has asked to fill the ballot boxes with “progress ballots” to “put an end to the PP regime” in the Cantabrian capital.

For his part, Zuloaga celebrated that Spain has “a president who always complies”, giving the example of the payment of the debt of the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, before criticizing the right-wing “cuts and privatizations” model: ” In public, they see a business and we a public service to the citizenry”, he stressed, ending with a message to the PP in which he criticized the fact that he came to Cantabria, to the same hall of the Palacio de Festivales “half empty”, to ” talk about ETA”. “This is the land of the person who ended ETA, it is the land of Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba,” he said.

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