Sunday, December 10

Sánchez announces the investment of 800 million euros in the PERTE of Social and Care Economy

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, presented this Friday the general lines of the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (PERTE) of the Social Economy and the Economy of the cares. The biggest novelty announced today is the investment in the project, which will be endowed with “800 million euros” for its development, reported the President of the Executive.

The Government extends to 12,250 million the plan to promote the production of chips in Spain with European funds

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After the green light this week for the PERTE of microchips, the measure will be approved in the next Council of Ministers and wants to reflect “a firm commitment” of the Government for the Social Economy, which Vice President Díaz has recalled that it already represents 10% of GDP and gives work to some 2.6 million people in Spain.

Promoting the social economy is “betting on a different economy”, underlined the Minister of Labor, “less competitive, more inclusive and horizontal”, such as cooperatives and Third Sector companies, among others.

Pedro Sánchez has maintained his intention that Spain become, through this historic investment, an international reference in the field of social and care economy, for which he has trusted that European funds will expand its scope, but also modernize the productive sector current, which has some “43,000 companies”.

The President of the Executive has highlighted the transversal nature of PERTE, which has the work of 12 ministries, centralized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy led by Yolanda Díaz. The project presentation event has served Sánchez to launch a message of unity after internal differences over the Audiovisual Law. The president has celebrated the “great team” of the coalition, in the presence of his ministers of different political persuasion.

The “care bags” of the Corresponsables Plan

Among the objectives of PERTE, Pedro Sánchez has mentioned “facilitating the conversion of companies in crisis or facing a lack of generational change” into companies of the social economy such as cooperatives, as well as the “modernization” of companies and services of this sector and “promote cooperation” among SMEs.

The PERTE also carries care by title and in this sense the President of the Government has advanced that initiatives of cohousingcare for minors in protection programs by Public Administrations will be improved and the aim is to favor technological development “avoiding any type of social exclusion”.

Specifically, the president has stopped in the implementation of the Corresponsables Plan, aimed at facilitating the reconciliation of families with children under 16 years of age. Pedro Sánchez explained that the “creation of professional care exchanges in the public and social sphere” will be encouraged.

“We want to professionalize the work that women have traditionally done informally, we are going to do it through accreditation mechanisms that recognize non-professional work experience in order to be able to qualify them with competent profiles in these job boards”, he maintained. Sanchez.

The Women’s Institute, dependent on the Ministry of Equality, will develop a platform on-line which will centralize all the information on care provided by the State and the Autonomous Communities.