Wednesday, September 29

Sánchez assures that the Government has already fulfilled one in three commitments of the coalition agreement

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced this Thursday, during his appearance for the balance of the political course, that the Executive has already fulfilled one of every three commitments acquired in the coalition agreement between PSOE and United We Can, as well as the promises signed with its various investiture partners and at the parliamentary level.

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“As of June 30,” Sánchez said, “the commitments acquired are 1,463, 225 more than last December,” he clarified, by incorporating the “measures of the resilience plan” in the face of the pandemic as well as “new commitments acquired” with its partners. “At this point in the legislature, 94% of them are already activated. And the degree of compliance is 32% with a forecast of 38% by the end of the year,” he insisted.

In summary, Sánchez has said that, in a year and a half, “almost all of them have started and one in three are completed.” “Despite the exceptional time we are living, the Government is moving forward and fulfilling its commitments,” he has settled. The Chief Executive added that “to date 16.4% of the commitments with Brussels in the Reform Plan have been fulfilled. We hope that by the end of the year we will achieve 21.8% of the reform plans by the end of the year. that we have committed to in the Recovery Plan. ”

The pandemic, Sánchez added, “has not only not stopped the government’s agenda but has reactivated it.” And, in that sense, he wanted to thank the agreements reached with the social agents and with parliamentary groups. “We have validated practically all the royal decree laws,” he recalled.

Vaccination and the evolution of the pandemic

He has also valued that Spain is “the nation that has vaccinated the most” among the 50 richest countries on the planet, although he wanted to emphasize that “the pandemic is not over”, that “the virus is still here” and, therefore, he has asked citizens for “one more effort” in the coming months, before the long-awaited group immunity is achieved.

Another of the reflections made by Sánchez is that his has been the “most feminist” government and the one most committed to the environment. “There has not been a more ecological government in the history of Spain,” he concluded.

“Our priority is to combat inequality and our objective is that no one is left behind and we refer to the territories and the people,” added the Prime Minister. In his opinion, “it is time to open a new chapter in history.” “We have spent months resisting, and now the opportunity is opening to reap the fruits of that effort. We are going to recover our economy, employment and industrial activity,” he said. For Sánchez, “you have to choose between recovery and tension and the Government has opted for dialogue.”

The renewal of the Judiciary and the role of the opposition

On the other hand, Sánchez has asked the Popular Party of Pablo Casado to “comply with the Constitution” and renew the constitutional bodies blocked by the opposition, such as the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), the Constitutional Court, the Ombudsman or the Court of Accounts. As recalled by the Chief Executive, “968 days” have elapsed since the mandate of the current Judicial Power expired.

“The renewal of the Judiciary, the Constitutional Court, the Court of Accounts or the Ombudsman are obligations that the Government does not mark, it is marked by the Constitution,” he insisted. “The Government complies with the Constitution and we ask the opposition to comply with the Constitution,” he remarked. As he has said, “from experience”, the fact that “the PP complies with the Constitution does not depend on the Government but on the PP.” “A destructive opposition in the historical moment that we are living does not take place”, he has settled.

Likewise, he has expressed his intention to move away from the climate of political confrontation because the Government “wants to work for hope and progress”, fleeing from the “paralysis and rancor” that it reproaches the right-wing opposition.

Regarding the Conference of Presidents scheduled for tomorrow, in Salamanca, Sánchez regretted “that the voice of Catalonia is not present”, due to the decision of the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés, not to attend it. “That Catalonia is not present and her voice is not heard is a shame,” he concluded. The Prime Minister has assured that those to be addressed in that conclave “are very important issues that affect Catalan citizens, regardless of whether they are pro-independence or non-pro-independence”.

Specifically, the conference plans to study the situation of the pandemic as well as the distribution of European funds to face the consequences of the health emergency.