Sunday, October 1

Sánchez assures that the Government will appoint its two magistrates of the Constitutional Court in September

The Government will appoint the two magistrates of the Constitutional Court that correspond to it even if the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) did not do so, which has until September 13 of margin based on the law that Congress recently approved at the request of PSOE and United We Can to revoke the blockade of the court of guarantees. This was confirmed by the president at a press conference in Tirana (Albania), where he appeared at the end of the tour of the Western Balkans that began last Friday.

Sánchez returns to the origins of his career in Bosnia and rehearses the presidency of the EU

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The president has taken it for granted that the CGPJ will comply with the law and will appoint the two magistrates that touch him. “Of course, the Government of Spain will do it in the month of September”, confirmed the socialist, who took the opportunity to send a message to the PP due to the persistence in blocking the governing body of the judges: “If a party qualifies as constitutionalis must comply with the Constitution every day, not when it suits him”.

Sánchez has avoided specifying what legal reforms he intends to promote in the framework of the dejudicialization of politics in Catalonia, as the Government promised at the dialogue table a few days ago. What he has defended is that he agrees with reforming the Criminal Code to adapt the crime of sedition to the legislation of other countries to avoid situations such as the one that occurred with Carles Puigdemont, when Germany rejected the Euroorder.

However, he has insisted that there is not a sufficient majority in Congress to carry it out. In the Government they maintain that ERC is not going to enter into touching such a norm. “The Government and myself have expressed the need and opportunity to do so [ha dicho sobre la reforma penal para el tipo de sedición], but there are some Cortes Generales, some majorities and today I don’t see that parliamentary majority. If it happens, the Government will propose that reform, as it cannot be otherwise”, he has expressed.

The importance of dialogue between partners

The president has quickly dispatched the question about the discrepancies in the coalition regarding military spending that led the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, to request a meeting of the coalition’s monitoring table. Moncloa has ignored the demand that she had a vocation to be “urgent” and Sánchez has limited himself to saying that the meeting may take place. “Dialogue, talking between partners, is always important and we are in favor of this dialogue between the two parties,” he limited himself to saying.

Sánchez has also taken it for granted that the next quarter will address the rise in the Interprofessional Minimum Wage, which is a process in which the Ministry of Labor has begun to work, but has not specified how much the increase will be beyond recalling that the commitment is to reach 60% of the average salary in 2023.

The press conference was held together with the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, who thanked Spain for its efforts to favor the EU accession process. However, neither of the two leaders has wanted to set a deadline for this process.

Asked about the tension that has arisen between Serbia and Kosovo in recent hours, Rama has unequivocally defended the decisions of the Kosovar Government and its sovereignty to carry out initiatives while the Spanish has avoided commenting on specific events and has limited itself to respect the position of the Albanian Government and to reiterate that Spain does not recognize independence. “A unilateral declaration of independence (…) we consider that it violates international law”, he has expressed.

The two have agreed to conspire to prevent Russia from taking advantage of the instability in the Balkan region with this new clash between Kosovo and Serbia, which has ties with Russia. “Making good politics and thinking about the next generations (…) we will be doing a good job and we will be reducing the influence that Putin may have in the area,” said the Spaniard. “There is only one way: that the Donbas bombs do not end