Tuesday, May 17

Sánchez blames Putin for inflation and the PP accuses him of using the war and the pandemic

Pedro Sánchez sees a single culprit in inflation and the rise in energy prices that have skyrocketed in recent months and, especially, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine: Vladimir Putin. “Inflation and energy prices are the sole responsibility of Putin and his illegal war in Ukraine,” he has told Congress. The PP has accused Sánchez of being “the president of a thousand alibis” and has accused him of having used the pandemic for his benefit and now doing the same with the war. “What I needed to hear”, the socialist has reproached him.

Sánchez defends that the EU finances the infrastructure for energy interconnections

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“If we see the evolution of the price of gas and energy, we can see that Putin had been preparing the war in Ukraine for more than a few months,” he said in the control session, causing a murmur in the popular caucus. “I know that for you everything is Sánchez’s fault, but it is like that, it is evident that this war is going to have to get the best of ourselves and I also ask the PP,” he told the main opposition party to which He has urged to make a proposal for the response plan to the war that he wants to be “open and dynamic”.

The president has reiterated the need for the international community, and especially the EU, to be a common front and has once again “appealed for the unity of all groups in the response to this illegal, unjust and unjustified war”.

Outrage in the Government with the PP: “It is indecency”

“It demands of us what your own partners deny you,” the PP spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra, replied, referring to the distances that Podemos has marked with the decision to send weapons to Ukraine. “He is the president of a thousand alibis,” Gamarra snapped, accusing him of using “the pandemic first” and now doing the same with the war. “We have the worst government at the worst possible time,” continued the PP spokeswoman, who has called on Sánchez, of whom she has said that he is “obsessed with collecting”, to lower taxes.

“Your credibility is on the ground due to your electoral calculations. Make decisions and stop looking for excuses,” concluded Gamarra, who has demanded that Sánchez “expel United We Can” from the Executive.

“What I needed to hear is that I am using the war,” Sánchez replied, visibly annoyed. “What for, Mrs. Gamarra? What have I used the pandemic for?” He asked her. “A respect for the Government of Spain that has faced the pandemic and now a war without the main opposition party, as always,” he concluded. Government sources show his “indignation” at the PP’s accusation that Sánchez is using the war. “It is an indignity and an indecency”, they affirm. “It is the same PP as always,” they point out in the socialist leadership in reference to the replacement of Pablo Casado in the hands of Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

Sánchez: “Work at a European level to cushion prices”

EH Bildu has also asked Sánchez to take measures in the face of price increases, but in a direction contrary to the PP. “This is unsustainable, people are worried and afraid,” said the spokeswoman, Mertxe Aizpurua, who has demanded that “energy prices be stopped by putting an end to the shameful business of electricity companies” and that “salary devaluation” be avoided so that the workers are not impoverished”. “Measures will be necessary and it will have to be the great fortunes, the electricity companies and the banks who will have to bear the weight through special taxes, otherwise the sacrifices will fall on the social and working majority who have already put up with enough,” warned the left-wing deputy abertzale.

Sánchez has reiterated the need for a “message of unity from the international community.” “We have to be tough on the economic sanctions against the Putin regime and we have to work at a European level to cushion the price of raw materials, energy and, in particular, gas,” responded the president, who assured that ” The government has been doing it for a year. Sánchez has insisted on “translating the firm and unequivocal commitment to protect the most vulnerable families, the most vulnerable groups and above all industry, companies and, in particular, SMEs, so that they are not hostage to Putin’s energy blackmail “.