Monday, September 20

Sánchez calls for a “common” action by the EU in Afghanistan: “We will have to take care of the refugees”

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, appeared this Friday at the Moncloa Palace to report on the operation that has allowed 2,206 Afghans and their families who had collaborated with Spain or the international community to repatriate since last Thursday, August 19, the last two decades and that they were in danger in their country before the return to power of the Taliban. Once this “mission” is finished, the Chief Executive has insisted that Spain will continue to seek “ways of help” to evacuate more Afghan collaborators and has called for a “common” action by the European Union in the face of the crisis in Afghanistan. “We will have to take care of the refugees and, singularly, of the refugee women, of their future. And we will have to do all of this together ”, he stated.

“We have completed a first mission, but it is not the last. Many more remain because there is a lot of homework to do in the coming months and years. The international community must reflect on the measures we must take, which must be respectful of international law and the mandates of the United Nations. I call on the European Union to act together, in common, that we go hand in hand in an answer that we have to give to the people of Afghanistan ”, he asserted.

Spain has ended this Friday the refugee evacuation operation in Afghanistan. The personnel who remained coordinating the operation for the withdrawal and evacuation of Afghan collaborators and their families will arrive this afternoon at the Torrejón de Ardoz air base, a facility that will remain open for another week, according to Sánchez. In this last flight, 81 Spaniards traveled, who were still in Afghanistan, including embassy and military personnel, as well as four Portuguese military personnel and 85 Afghan collaborators from Spain, Portugal and NATO. The twenty national police officers who were deployed in Kabul also travel among these personnel.

Some nations, including Denmark, Poland, Canada or Belgium, have already ended their operations from the airport, and others have announced that they plan to conclude them in the next few hours due to the imminent withdrawal of US troops, whose deadline is the August 31st. In total, the Spanish Armed Forces have evacuated 2,206 Afghan aid workers and relatives, from Spain and other countries, such as the United States or Portugal, the European Union, the UN, NATO and the staff of the Spanish embassy in Kabul .

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