Tuesday, July 5

Sánchez calls for “political and territorial harmony” to overcome the pandemic and the economic crisis

“Political and territorial harmony”. It is the word that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has repeated several times upon his arrival at the European Council in Brussels. Sánchez has thus questioned the PP and Catalonia. To the PP, because it is the first opposition party and the one that, since the legislature began, has demonstrated against the Government, keeps the renewal of the constitutional bodies blocked and sows doubts about the management of European funds.

And to Catalonia, because this Wednesday the pardons to the imprisoned procés leaders were made effective with the idea, expressed by the Government, that it will serve to address the Catalan crisis.

“Now that we are seeing that the data on membership, creation, employment, and economic recovery are relaunched in Europe and Spain, I think the most important thing is to ask all political forces and all territories for harmony,” said Sánchez : “Because political harmony, territorial harmony, will make the Spanish economy rebound with more force in the coming months.”

According to Sánchez, “overcoming the pandemic thanks to vaccination and the economic crisis thanks to the recovery plans approved by the European Union, are right now the main objectives of the Government of Spain.”

“All international organizations,” Sánchez said, “are conducting an upward revision of the economic indicators of our country. We are seeing the data of affiliation to Social Security, with more than 19 million affiliates and affiliates and pre-ndemic levels of affiliation in our country. We have to consolidate that economic recovery with the approval of the recovery plans, with the reformist impulse that the Government of Spain is giving and appealing to political and territorial harmony, so that this recovery is much stronger in all and each one of the corners and places of our country “.