Tuesday, July 5

Sánchez confirms that he will grant pardons this Tuesday: “For harmony, with the heart”

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has confirmed that he will propose to the Council of Ministers this Tuesday to grant pardons to the nine imprisoned pro-independence leaders. “The Government of Spain has decided to confront the problem and seek harmony,” Sánchez assured before a representation of Catalan civil society convened at the Liceu. “For harmony, with the heart,” he added. When this announcement has taken place, a spectator has rebuked the head of the Government, but he has continued. As he added, the measure will make it possible to overcome a stage that he has described as “the incalculable sum of the erroneous calculations of all, before a reality that we do not want any, but that we have done together.”

One day before the pardons are definitively approved, the president has brought together a representation of various political, union and business organizations to explain the Government’s reasons for granting pardons. “I am not unaware that there are people who are opposed to this measure and neither am I unaware of their reasons, I respect them,” he told them. Despite that, Sánchez has indicated that there are also good reasons to grant the grace measures. “Reasons in which the expectations of the future weigh more than the wrongs of the past. And in the balance of political decisions, the future must matter more than the past,” he said.

Focusing on the measure of pardons, the head of the Government has outlined his reasons for granting the grace measures, which he has summarized in three: the end of the judicial process, the obligation of the Government to process requests for pardons and, finally , in the new scenario that is generated after the pandemic. “We must not wait for a more propitious moment, if there is a moment to unite, this is it,” he said. “We are where we are, and it is from here that we have to start the path to recover coexistence and normality. Time does not heal wounds by itself, it takes courage and hands always ready to take care of our pain,” he said. argued.

The head of the Government has also stressed that the pardon “neither questions nor revokes the final conviction. It is simply another plane, no longer the judicial one.” Along with that, Sánchez has demanded that all political actors recognize that the grace measures are “legal and constitutional.” “I am convinced that getting these nine people out of jail is a resounding resounding message of the desire for harmony and coexistence of Spanish democracy,” he said, for which he has considered that “we add millions of people to coexistence.

In addition, Sánchez recalled that in his inauguration speech he had already promised to work to overcome the political conflict in Catalonia. “The confrontation has not served to solve any problem, it has only made them more numerous and acute,” he stressed, for which he stated that he aspires “to find new answers, to do it this time better than we did.”

In this sense, the President of the Government has presented to the audience of the Liceu the political project of his Government for the new stage that he wants to open in Catalonia. Some plans that go beyond the grace measures, and include continuing with the negotiation with the Generalitat and unfolding the agenda of the “reunion” in Catalan society, as described by Sánchez and his Executive.

After explaining the useful reasons for the pardons, Sánchez has made a plea in favor of dialogue and political negotiation. “Spanish democracy is strong with the law and justice, it has shown it in this crisis. But it is even stronger with the other instruments of politics, with reasons, with values, with dialogue, with everything that It allows us to convince, which is the most durable way to win, “he said. “The union that rests on the Law is powerful; but the union that is based on respect, feeling and affection is even more powerful. That is the union that we seek today. That is the union that we need today, here and now. And that union is even stronger when it is sustained by a common project. And that is my idea of ​​Spain, “he added.

Among those present at the Liceu have been the majority of the Catalan socialist leaders, but also representatives of Catalunya en Comú or Units per Avançar, such as Jéssica Albiach or Ramón Espadaler, with whom the Socialists have different agreements. There was also the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, a business delegation headed by the president of Foment, Josep Sánchez Llibre, or representatives of the media. On the other hand, no media from the Generalitat have attended, after President Pere Aragonès rejected the invitation, as well as other councilors.