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Sánchez confirms “very distant positions” with Aragonès but promises to dialogue “without pause and without deadlines”

“Slowly, but without pause and without deadlines.” It is the recipe that Pedro Sánchez wants for the dialogue table to bear fruit in a solution to the political conflict in Catalonia after noting, once again, that “the positions are very far apart.” “Do not give me deadlines because those deadlines should be as lax as possible, because the important thing is not time but that we reach a successful conclusion,” emphasized the president after the meeting he had with the head of the Catalan executive, Pere Aragonès, in which they have not reached any concrete agreement, although he stressed that “it was worth it.” The socialist has reiterated the idea that the dialogue table cannot set a deadline, as ERC did with the CUP.

Junts refuse to change representatives at the dialogue table: “Moncloa has vetoed us”

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In his appearance before the journalists, which occurred while the delegations began negotiations in the first meeting of the dialogue table as such, Sánchez insisted that the amnesty and self-determination proposed by the Government are not feasible. “We are going to need time because the positions are very far apart,” Sánchez reiterated, insisting that the territorial crisis has lasted for a decade, so the problems “will not be solved tomorrow.” His proposal is amnesty and self-determination. but it is not a proposal in the eyes of the Government. ” The proposal that Sánchez has delivered to Aragonès is an “update” of the Reunion Agenda in which he collects 44 of the 45 points that the presidents of the Generalitat have sent to Moncloa in the last decade, with the exception precisely of the independence referendum .

“For us it is not possible, not because it is not incorporated from the point of view of the Constitution, but because society cannot suffer more tears and fractures,” argued Sánchez, who recalled that agreement is being reached in sectoral areas that they are applauded by Catalan society. The end of tolls is one of those measures that Moncloa has been repeating in recent days and had planned to use the expansion of the El Prat airport after the agreement between the Ministry of Transport and the Catalan vice president, Jordi Puigneró, but Sánchez has reiterated that he did not there is a “mature position on the part of the Government to address a strategic investment.”

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has arrived at the headquarters of the Government in Barcelona shortly after 3 pm this Wednesday to attend the meeting prior to the dialogue table. Upon arrival at the Palau, President Pere Aragonès welcomed him in the courtyard of the Carriages of the Palau. Together they have reviewed the gala formation of the Mossos d’Esquadra and have headed up the stairs of the building, to go to the Gothic gallery, where the official greeting took place.

The meeting between the two presidents took place right after and without the participation of their respective teams. In this first meeting, which took place in the Chamber of Deputies and lasted for two hours, Sánchez and Aragonès had the objective of agreeing on the methodology and guidelines that this meeting space will follow from now on. The two had managed to save the dialogue table this week despite the fire in the Government and Aragonès’ decision to leave the members proposed by the Junts, who did not meet the requirement of being members of the Executive, off the table.

Subsequently, Sánchez and Aragonès have chaired the dialogue table between the two delegations, which will continue the work, afterwards they have appeared before journalists. After that brief meeting, the delegations of the Government and the Generalitat have activated the negotiation. The first is represented by Vice President Yolanda Díaz; the Minister of the Presidency Félix Bolaños, who will be the coordinator of the central government delegation; the Minister of Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez and the Minister of Culture, Miquel Iceta. On the part of the Government, only the Regional Minister of the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, and the Minister of Business, Roger Torrent will attend.

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