Sunday, August 14

Sánchez describes the Melilla jump as a “violent assault” and blames the mafias for the 27 deaths

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has described the jump to the Melilla fence that occurred this Friday as a “violent assault” and blames the “mafias that traffic in human beings” for the deaths. “Yesterday I expressed my solidarity and vindicated the extraordinary work that the security forces and bodies of our country are doing. Some civil guards were injured as a result of this violent assault organized by mafias that traffic in human beings. It was a violent attack on the territorial integrity of our country”, he said at the press conference after the extraordinary Council of Ministers.

“The Moroccan gendarmerie worked with the state security forces to repel this violent assault. If there is a person responsible for everything that seems to have happened on that border, it is the mafias that traffic in human beings”, he said.

At least 27 migrants died on the Moroccan side of the border with Melilla in the attempted jump over the fence of the autonomous city that took place this Friday, as confirmed by NGOs on Saturday, who have also reported the death of two Moroccan gendarmes. .

In addition to the deceased, there were also 76 injured among the migrants, 13 of them seriously. On the part of the Moroccan security forces, 140 Moroccan agents were injured, some of them seriously.

The sources indicated that the attempted access to Melilla was characterized “by the use of very violent methods” and that the deceased migrants did so at a time of stampede of the mass of people, estimated at 2,000 by the Spanish authorities, or from injuries sustained when he fell to the ground while climbing the fence. The version of the migrants and companions of the deceased is still unknown.