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Sánchez exhibits muscle with the barons and boasts of management in front of an “isolated and portrayed” PP

Pedro Sánchez has exhibited muscle together with the socialist presidents and the territorial leaders of the party in an act in Zaragoza with which he has kicked off the electoral pre-campaign of the municipal and regional elections of 2023. That will be the first test for a Sánchez that it is in low hours in the polls and that it intends to capitalize on the pull of the mayors and presidents who are in power. The socialist leader, who has received the pampering of all the barons, including the Aragonese Javier Lambán, who was the host and is one of the furthest away, wanted to show the “strength of a fit and united party” against a PP to the which he has accused of being an “isolated and portrayed opposition” given the coincidence of Brussels with the Government of Spain. “We went out in all the territories to win, to be the first force,” said Sánchez, who was accompanied, in addition to the territorial leaders and members of the management, by five ministers.

Sánchez: “The right wants us progressives to give up and we are not going to give up”

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The rally took place after a meeting of the Federal Policy Council in which the barons have laid the foundations for what will be the electoral program of the PSOE in 2023 and has served the socialists to hold a didactic session on the measures they have put in place up and running and show off management. “We manage economic policy much better when we are in government,” said Sánchez, who has taken advantage, as the Navarrese president, María Chivite, had done shortly before, to defend the tax burden to support the welfare state. “In the Budgets, we are allocating 190,000 million to pensions and social benefits. Whoever wants generalized tax cuts should tell the middle and working class where they are going to cut, because we are not going to cut,” she asserted.

“While the damn war lasts, we will deploy all the resources of the State, all the financial resources to protect the social majority of this country”, Sánchez exclaimed to applause from the attendees and took the opportunity to recall that the Council of Ministers will approve this Tuesday the reduction of VAT on gas and 172 million euros to strengthen primary care.

A session to vindicate

Sánchez has reduced the attacks on Alberto Núñez Feijóo, although they have not completely disappeared from his speech. The president has insisted that his government is taking measures in the right direction, as he shows, in his opinion, that Brussels is adopting them, such as the intervention of the electricity market or the tax on energy companies. “If the Government of Spain says so, it is bad because it is a leftist; if Brussels says so, it’s good because it’s liberal”, said the socialist about the PP’s turnaround: “It’s common sense and common sense says that we must lend a hand for the middle and working class of this country”.

Sánchez has been supported by the barons of the PSOE, who have divided into groups to prepare some conclusions that have their priorities in the youth and rural vote for the municipal and regional elections and have thus articulated it in the interventions in the event held Zaragoza World Trade Center. “There is nothing more supportive than having in mind the generations that are and that will come,” said the Balearic Islands Francina Armengol, who has assured that the socialists never “put themselves in profile” when there were complications such as the pandemic. Armengol has recalled what was the “buzzword” during the pandemic by claiming “co-governance” and has caused the greatest applause from the public when he referred to the former Minister of Health and now First Secretary of the PSC, Salvador Illa.

“There is no party in Spain that is so clear about the political project that Spain and its institutions represent. There is no one capable of saying here what is said there”, added the head of the Extremaduran Executive, Guillermo Fernández Vara, who has also raised the flag of internal unity: “We are the PSOE. Here is the PSOE. The PSOE of yesterday, the one of today, the one of always, the one that always believed in Spain and in Europe”. The management of European funds is one of the flags that the Socialists will carry to the elections since they trust its execution to present an important list of services, among which are the fight against depopulation and the demographic challenge. “With the funds provided by the Government of Spain, we are employing people in their 30s and 40s who give life,” said Concha Andreu, from La Rioja, who has defended the activation of rural schools in her region “that the PP abandoned.” “With the support of a socialist party that understands that the future lies in the rural world”, she defended.

Lambán: “Pedro Sánchez has done well”

The ecological transition is also one of the axes of the socialist discourse. “When you go to Castilla-La Mancha you stop to think that 100% of the energy you consume is renewable, that 150% of what Aragón projects is renewable. In Madrid, 4% is generated”, said the general secretary of the PSOE-M, Juan Lobato, who was making his debut at a Federal Policy Council. He has been the one who has made a more combative speech against the PP, in this case of Isabel Díaz Ayuso: “Madrid cannot and should not be a selfish region that closes borders.” “What the PP wants is for us to surrender. Not only do we not give up but we go with everything and for all”, has expressed the also candidate.

“We are strong and united. We are going to continue doing what we know how to do best, which is proposals for people and citizens. We are a party that has written and will continue to write the history of our country’s progress”, stated the president of Navarra.

Avoid the pardon to Griñán

Even Javier Lambán, who is, along with Emiliano García-Page, the president who normally moves the furthest from Moncloa’s drift, has vindicated the Prime Minister. “Pedro Sánchez has done well and now that we have to take on challenges such as inflation and Pedro is going to continue to rise to the occasion, he will have his party behind him and I am convinced that he will end up having the Spaniards behind him”, He has told his people that they are aware that they start with the polls against them. Lambán has taken the opportunity, yes, to launch a message against Sánchez’s allies by explaining that the Aragonese especially deny the “perversion of nationalism and independence.”

Lambán has also defended that in the PSOE there is “not a taint of corruption.” The affirmation has taken place just when personalities and thousands of socialist sympathizers have supported the request for pardon to former Andalusian president José Antonio Griñán. The concession of him will correspond to Sánchez, who already has the rejection of United We Can to a decision that he will have to make at a very delicate moment before the electoral cycle. The socialist leaders have avoided, yes, the matter at the end of the act, aware of the difficulty involved. For now, the socialist wing of the Government limits itself to saying that it will comply with the procedure and does not advance its position, although they cling to the particular votes of the sentence. What Ferraz has done is radically change the discourse regarding the former Andalusian presidents convicted of the ERE case by emphasizing that they did not get rich and remember that they have already assumed political responsibilities. “They are paying the just for sinners,” Sánchez said.

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