Sunday, May 22

Sánchez: “I have not heard the new leadership of the PP say anything about what is happening with Ayuso and Almeida”

Pedro Sánchez raises the tone against Alberto Núñez Feijóo when the polls begin to show an improvement in the electoral expectations of the PP. The President of the Government has not hesitated to stir up Genoa for the silence in the face of the alleged irregularities in the acquisition of masks during the worst moments of the pandemic by the Madrid City Council. “I have not heard the new leadership of the PP say anything about what is happening in Madrid with [Isabel Díaz] Ayuso and ]José Luis Martínez]Almeida”, the president expressed in an interview on Public Mirror (Antena 3). “They will have to say and do something in Madrid”, he said in reference to the investigations that the Prosecutor’s Office has launched and that has revealed millionaire commissions in the case of the city council and that has activated investigations into the controversial contract of the Community of Madrid in which the president’s brother mediated.

The parties face an end to the legislature marked by an economic crisis with an uncertain future

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The leader of the PSOE has recriminated the conservatives who are using the same technique that they used when the Gürtel broke out by assuring that it is a persecution of the PP. “The silences, when not looking the other way from the new leadership of the PP, linked to these cases of corruption is not the best of exercises,” warned Sánchez, who has assured that he would act “with the greatest force” if there would be a similar case regarding the purchase of sanitary material at the state level.

“The most expensive tax paid by citizens is that of corruption,” the socialist has reproached, mixing the ‘mask case’ with Feijóo’s star proposal since his arrival at the leadership of the PP: the reduction of taxes to face the crisis. “All those who are saying that they are going to lower taxes are announcing cuts as they did in the financial crisis,” assured the president, who has also made it ugly that this is a proposal when the conservatives are in opposition, but not when they come to government. . “This is a classic. When the PP is in the opposition it says that it is going to lower taxes and when it comes to the Government what it does is apply tax amnesties [que ha recordado que hoy están prohibidas por ley] and raise up to 50 taxes”. He has also referred to those who promoted the last two fiscal plans by the conservative governments: Rodrigo Rato, whom he has not mentioned but has referred to him by saying that he is condemned today, and Cristóbal Montoro, who promised tax cuts for then upload them.

The same has been said about the proposal that the most voted list govern. “He always wants the most voted list to govern when the PP is the most voted list”, he has affirmed. Despite the fact that the Socialists assure that they are willing to facilitate governability wherever the PP wins if it resigns to govern with Vox, Sánchez has warned that from now on there are only two options: a government led by the PSOE with “the space that Yolanda Díaz represents” or of the PP with the extreme right. “The Government of Castilla y León can be replicated in other territories and without a doubt in Spain.

The president, who has downplayed the demographic increase of the PP that even the CIS draws – “they are the same data”, he has said -, has assured that the elections will be “in a timely manner”, that is, in December 2023, although he did not want to clarify the specific date beyond the fact that it will not be the Sundays that coincide with Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

By that time, the president is confident that inflation, which is a problem that worries the socialists, will have subsided. Thus, although he has recognized that the Government will review the GDP downwards -as he has assured that it will happen at European and world level-, he has been confident that it will not be a structural issue. “All the forecasts of international organizations suggest high inflation, but not in 2023. We hope that it will be a sufficiently conjunctural increase so that we will not see significant inflation in the coming years,” he explained. In fact, he has even said that between 2022 and 2023 there may be a “sharp drop” of 2%.

Although he has indicated that he does not put “hot cloths” on the economic situation caused by inflation, which he attributes 70% to the war in Ukraine due to the increase in energy prices and unprocessed goods, he has assured that Spain it will “continue to grow at a good pace” as well as “creating jobs”. Regarding the revaluation of pensions, he has said that it will take place according to the CPI as established by law, overthrowing the reform that the PP undertook years ago, but the salaries of officials have been left in the hands of the “income agreement” that they negotiate employers and unions and that is for now frozen by the distance between the parties.

Sánchez did not want to give details about the progress of the negotiation with the European Commission on the cap of 30 euros on the price of gas for electricity proposed by the governments of Spain and Portugal, but he has defended the legislative reforms aimed at ending the benefits fallen from the electric sky. “If you produce at the price of renewable energy and charge at the price of gas, it is evident that you are taking some benefit”, summarized the president, who has insisted that the market must be reformed: “We are paying for electricity at a gold price which is the gas and that has no logic, we have to hit it”.