Wednesday, October 27

Sànchez (Junts) defends that they were “vetoed” from the dialogue table for wanting to put “light and stenographers”

The general secretary of Junts, Jordi Sànchez, has assured that the fact of not having participated in the negotiation table between the Generalitat and the central Government held this Wednesday “was not a question of names”, but a veto, he has said verbatim, for the clarity of the proposal that those of Carles Puigdemont would bring to the meeting.

Sánchez and Aragonès shield a negotiation without deadlines

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“They have not vetoed us because of the people, but because they knew that we would bring, yes or yes, light and a stenographer to a meeting that was going to be held without an agenda, without clarity in the way in which we had to address self-determination and amnesty” , has remarked this Saturday during the celebration of the first National Council of the formation.

On the other hand, he has expressed the loyalty and commitment of the party to the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, and has advocated working with the pro-independence majority in the Parliament, to achieve the independence of Catalonia. “We will never put the job with 52% at risk for independence,” he declared.

Also within Junts, the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, has warned for her part that ERC “does not have enough strength alone” to negotiate at the dialogue table. He has said it in an interview in the program ‘Aqui Hablamos’ of RTVE, where he regretted that the instrument “was gestated between two parties and ended up being two parties”, after the delegation proposed by Junts did not end up participating in the meeting because it included members from outside the Government.