Sunday, December 4

Sánchez opposes his anti-crisis plan to the “neoliberal response” of the PP and Feijóo demands that he “withdraw” the Budgets

Pedro Sánchez sees “encouraging data” in the containment of inflation, although he does not want to launch the bells on the fly aware that the war in Ukraine can cause “setbacks”. What he has been convinced of is that Spain will not enter a recession and that it will be one of the economies that will grow the most next year. However, he acknowledges that “with the current figures there is nothing to celebrate.” This was expressed by the President of the Government in his initial speech in the ‘face to face’ in which he faced Alberto Núñez Feijóo again in the Senate and in which he took the opportunity to oppose his anti-crisis plan, which he has quantified at 35,000 million euros until December, to the “neoliberal response” that the PP gave to the financial crisis.

Feijóo calls on Sánchez to break the Government with United We Can and offers him his punctual support

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“The challenges are far from dissipating, but we are heading in the right direction. The measures we are taking are working. The data and international organizations say so. We are not going to fall into complacency or triumphalism, but we cannot pay for fear”, said the President of the Government, who has promised not to “sweeten” the situation and to use all available resources to “protect the social majority” .

Sánchez has recognized that the Executive has made “mistakes” by not having an “instruction manual” in the face of the pandemic or war and has assured that “it will not give up.” “We have a single effort, which is to get Spain out of these difficult situations. We will not stop until we achieve it. (…) We have a plan to make it possible and the best team to carry it out”, stated the socialist leader after congratulating his cabinet, especially the three vice presidents, Nadia Calviño, Yolanda Díaz and Teresa Ribera, who have excited.

The president has insisted that “the response” to the crisis left by the war must be similar to that which occurred during the pandemic and has made a special mention of “fiscal co-responsibility”. “What we need to do is spread the costs of this crisis fairly so that, unlike the financial crisis, it doesn’t fall on the shoulders of ordinary citizens. This time the adjustment must take place through income and not expenses”, he asserted before insisting that “a part of the private sector” -in reference to the energy and financial companies that are benefiting from the situation – “they have a moral duty to give back to society a part of what they received during the pandemic.” Hence the special tax for the next two years that is already being processed in Congress.

Sánchez has taken the opportunity to stir up the PP, especially because of the legacy he left in the crisis of the previous decade. “Where could we be if between 2012 and 2018 Spain had not had a government that had shot up its generation of renewables? We lost precious time. In the country of the sun, the sun was taxed”, he said amid applause from the socialist caucus about Mariano Rajoy’s measures. “How would our response to the pandemic have been with the 30,000 toilets that were cut during the neoliberal response to the crisis?” He asked after making Feijóo ugly, without citing him, for saying that “talking about poverty is an old debate ”. “It is a furiously topical debate”, assured Sánchez, who has also called on the PP to “rectify” for having qualified the Iberian exception that allows Spain and Portugal to have a price of gas with which electricity is produced lower than the rest of the surrounding countries at a time when the European Commission itself is pointing in that direction as a solution for the EU as a whole.

Feijóo asks for new Budgets

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has made the most aggressive reply he has made since assuming his position as head of the opposition to the Government. Despite complaining bitterly in recent weeks about the “tone” used by Sánchez in the previous face to face in the Senate, last April, this Tuesday he attacked the president, questioning his solvency or good faith. Precisely what Sánchez did with him a month ago and that bothered him so much at the national headquarters of the PP, on Calle de Génova in Madrid.

Feijóo has described the public accounts of 2023, which have begun to be debated in Congress, the “general mortgages of the State”. The leader of the PP has described the Budgets as “another lie that conditions the future of all”. “On behalf of the people I am not going to shut up”, he has said, to point out that the Executive has “erred in all forecasts”.

“To ask in terms of a great statesman”, Feijóo ironically said in reference to Sánchez: That the Government has failed whenever it builds its latest Budgets on dismantled forecasts, will it be insolvency or bad faith?“.

“He has registered fictitious Budgets”, he snapped. “Let me formally ask you to withdraw it. Remake them, let’s talk and bring them to the Courts ”, he has told him.

This has been the only proposal of the first reply from Feijóo, who has insisted to Sánchez that he “change the Government”. “Land. Nothing indicates that we will improve in the short term. It is essential to mature and stop using childish mantras”, he replied.