Monday, July 4

Sánchez praises harmony as an economic value and calls for the involvement of the entire society with dialogue

“Concord is also an economic value and partisan or territorial discord, a drag on the economy.” With this idea, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, was presented this Friday to the Catalan business community of the Cercle d’Economia. The chief executive came to Barcelona after two days in which the Congress, business and trade union organizations and even the Catalan Episcopal Conference have shown their support for the so-called “reunion agenda” with Catalonia, which passes through the approval of pardons to the independence prisoners in the coming weeks. In his speech before the businessmen, Sánchez has not spoken of the grace measures but he has spoken of harmony, reunion and dialogue, a plan to request the commitment of the whole of society.

“We must undertake a reunion agenda, return to the place where we stopped listening to each other, because there are many things that we share. In those spaces we must find an agreement,” defended Sánchez, who added that “it cannot be done by just one government or two governments “but it is” a task of all societies. ” “That is why I am grateful for the passage of the Cercle”, stressed the president in relation to the defense of pardons and the political negotiation that the organization chaired by Javier Faus has carried out in recent days.

Faus, in fact, had once again reaffirmed the approval of the businessmen for the pardons this Friday, during the presentation of the Prime Minister. But the president of the Cercle has gone beyond the grace measures and has demanded before Sánchez an agenda of territorial reforms that involves “a distribution of power in the federal sense, which responds intelligently to the problem of the center-periphery.”

In an eminently economic forum, Sánchez has linked his initiative to appease the independence movement with the need to create an ideal environment for recovery. “Catalonia needs an agreement and a pact without delay because talking about the economy is talking about the future,” he said, after indicating that “political and territorial discord, the worse the better, the polarization and the front line lead nowhere” and it is a brake on economic advancement. That is why the president has pointed out that “we need stability and political unity so that all this [el plan de recuperación] materialize with the power that Spanish and Catalan society wants and needs “.

Beyond the burning issue of pardons and dialogue with the Generalitat, Sánchez arrived at the annual forum of Catalan businessmen in the same week that the European Commission approved the Government’s recovery, transformation and resilience plan, the first that it obtains the approval of between the European countries. With this success, Sánchez has exhibited bright expectations for growth before economic agents. “From the prudence, I transfer to them: this time the optimists are going to be right or they are going to fall short. Spain is going to surpass all the forecasts”, has proclaimed Sanchez like introduction of his intervention.

In this effort to convey good news after more than a year of pandemic, the president has taken advantage of his intervention in Barcelona to announce the end of masks abroad as of June 26. “This will be the last weekend with a mask in the open air,” Sánchez has proclaimed, who has announced an extraordinary Council of Ministers for next Thursday to formally approve that decision.

With the document already approved and relying on the words of the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, with whom he met in Madrid this Wednesday, the president has outlined some of the points of the recovery plan and its expected effects on the Spanish economy. “It will contribute to reducing the vulnerabilities of the Spanish economy,” he stressed, underlining that it is “a country plan, not a government.” It is also a program that, as he has considered, “takes into account cohesion, social and territorial.” “We have to make sure that no citizen is left behind, but we also have to prevent any territory from being left behind,” he stressed.

The beginning of the deployment of the plan, together with the good performance of the economy in recent months, allow Sánchez to maintain the forecast of growth of 6.5% for this year and 7% for next. Figures that he has ensured are already being seen in job creation. We hope to end the month of June with 189,000 more affiliates in seasonally adjusted terms, “he said, after noting that there are only 446,000 workers affected by an ERTE, a third of them with only partially suspended employment.

In front of the members of the Cercle d’Economia, Sánchez also praised the “entrepreneurial talent”. “Does anyone doubt that Spain and Catalonia have this capacity for entrepreneurship? We know how to invent, we know how to compete and we know how to conquer markets,” he said, so he has taken this matter for granted. On the other hand, the president has shown his concern that Spain will generate qualified jobs in the coming years that the labor market cannot supply.

For this reason, the head of the Government has stressed the importance of Vocational Training, recently reformed. “We want many more young people to join Vocational Training, which we want to be modern, dignified and allow economic prosperity.” “We have the ambition to accredit the professional skills of 3 million compatriots in the coming years,” he promised.

With these good forecasts, Sánchez has tried to instill business confidence in the members of the Catalan economic forum. “Two years ago when I took part in the last Cercle d’Economia in Sitges I said that the time had come to stop adapting to the world that is offered to us and to start creating it. Today I want to reaffirm that idea. Spain and Catalonia will be what we want Let them be. We have all the attributes to achieve all the goals that we set ourselves, “he transferred to them.