Tuesday, May 17

Sánchez reaffirms before the king of Morocco the turn on the Sahara and they agree on the gradual reopening of the borders

Pedro Sánchez and King Mohamed VI have confirmed the “new stage” between Spain and Morocco in a joint declaration recovering relations between the two countries.

During the visit of the President of the Executive and the Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, to Rabat, Sánchez and the Moroccan monarch agreed on a new road map. The document includes a gradual opening of the borders, the “full normalization of the movement of people and goods”, which will be restored “in an orderly manner”, as well as “maritime passenger connections”. Although the statement does not explicitly mention Ceuta and Melilla, Sánchez has assured that “territorial integrity is guaranteed.”

According to the statement, “conversations will begin on the management of airspaces.” It is also intended to hold a high-level summit before the end of the year, and the president and King Mohamed VI “will designate a committee responsible for the implementation” of the text “within three months.”

The visit of the Spanish leader to Rabat has been carried out with “great cordiality” between both parties, as government sources have pointed out, which had already advanced “concrete actions” that covered “all issues of common interest”.