Monday, December 5

Sánchez responds to Urkullu that no president has defended “autonomous Spain” so much

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has returned to Euskadi for the first time in a year. Although he has also made an official visit to a company in the Miñano technology park, which has just turned 30, the main reason for his visit was a rally in Vitoria to promote Maider Etxeberria’s candidacy for mayor of the Basque capital. that is seen with options to beat Beatriz Artolazabal’s PNV. The socialist leader has made very few mentions of Basque issues but has seemed to respond to the complaints of the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, when he has stated that no president has strengthened self-government so much. “It has been this Government and this party that have given a definitive boost to autonomous Spain and that have recognized the territorial diversity of this country”, he remarked.

Urtaran in four acts: unknown candidate, surprise mayor, electoral victory and the replacement in Vitoria

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This comes in a context in which the PNV regrets the delays in the commitments made by the State to complete the pending transfers of the 1979 Statute. The latest dispute is about the Cercanías trains, whose assignment had been promised for October although Yes, it is true that it is very advanced. Sources from the Basque Presidency indicate that Sánchez has not communicated with Urkullu for “months”, who has on occasion publicly stated that he does not even receive “acknowledgment of receipt” of the letters he sends to La Moncloa. The Government delegate, Denis Itxaso, had reported the president’s visit to a CTLpack company.

The Socialists have prepared a large-format act for Sánchez at the Lakua fronton in Vitoria, the same one that served as a large vaccination center against COVID-19. A large photograph of Etxeberria and the candidate for general deputy of Álava, Cristina González, presided over the stage. Buses with public officials and militants have arrived to fill the capacity of the venue. Party flags and ikurriñas have been distributed to give the act a clear pre-election aroma. The security device has been very strong around the municipally owned sports complex.

The president has offered a speech that he had not prepared and in which he has made a general review of national and international politics and the economic situation. He has defended, for example, advances in historical memory because “Spain is a democracy and a democracy does not pay tribute to dictators or their henchmen.” “After the latest exhumations we can say that a Spain with memory is a better Spain”, he pointed out. He has also criticized the “negative opposition” of the right and the “solutions” to the economic crisis opened by the war in Ukraine. “We have deployed more than 35,000 million euros, three points of GDP. I know that we are not going to be able to solve all the problems, but we are helping”, he has pointed out to insist that he will continue to approve tax measures so that those from “above” contribute to protect those from “below”, the “social majority”. ”. “Thanks to the efforts of the progressive coalition government we have high inflation but one of the lowest in the environment,” he added.

Sánchez has ironized that this Friday he had to face a new crisis, that of the closure of airspace by the uncontrolled Chinese rocket. He has remembered that it is being a mandate of shocks. “We did not choose for the volcano to erupt, nor for a pandemic” nor for a war “that has generated more displaced people than those France had in World War II”, he pointed out, adding that the PSOE feels “young” to face the future challenges. In this context, he has taken the opportunity to thank the work of Patxi López to weave agreements in Congress, where he is the spokesman. The lehendakari between 2009 and 2012 has stood up for the ovation that the public has given him.

The rally was started by Etxeberria. The socialist candidate in Vitoria has not denied her stage in the local government in coalition with the PNV, but she has opted for a change in the city. There is a “real possibility” that a “progressive woman” will be mayor of Vitoria for the first time in history, she has claimed to the applause of those present. González has also intervened. “I want to relieve the deputy general. He and the PNV deserve a break ”, she has pointed out about Ramiro González, with whom he has been governing since 2015 in coalition and who is running for re-election as the great favorite.

Eneko Andueza, Secretary General of the Basque Socialists, has also been very critical of the PNV despite the pacts that unite him with the PSE-EE. He has harshly questioned their messages that they are ‘feminizing’ the candidacies ahead of next year’s elections. “They don’t do it because they feel like it, they’re forced to. We do not need to feminize any list because we are feminists. We believe it and we practice it. It is not a question of image. They are the best”, he said about Etxeberria and González and also hours after having launched the candidacy of Marisol Garmendia in Donostia or after having proposed Nora Abete and Teresa Laespalda in Bilbao and Bizkaia, respectively.

He has also criticized the fact that the PNV “puts the ikurriña in front of the people” and has criticized both the launch of Viñedos de Álava to “separate” the Euskadi wineries from the Rioja wineries within the denomination of origin of Rioja wine and the new differentiated baseball and surfing teams that Sánchez himself has accepted from the PNV in exchange for the approval of the Sports Law. “The Socialists are not for selections, we are for solutions”, he has claimed to add, in Basque: “Gu gara Euskadiko Ezkerra!”. The phrase, translated, is that the PSE-EE is the “Basque left” but it is also a nod to the old party with that name integrated three decades ago into the PSOE.