Wednesday, March 22

Sánchez rolls up his sleeves in the fight with Soria Ya!

Elections in Castilla y León are played in nine constituencies. A handful of votes can decide several seats and give a joy or a blow on election night. In the PSOE they are aware and that is why Pedro Sánchez is going to do the rest now that they see the PP in decline and, therefore, there are options for a change. And one of the territories in which the socialists play the most is Soria, where the irruption of the platform of the Emptied Spain can make them a broken one. There is a seat at stake. It all adds up. In addition to including the president’s presence at a last minute event in Burgos together with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero this Thursday, Ferraz has intensified his landing in Soria this Wednesday.

Only a walk by Sánchez accompanied by socialist leaders through the city was planned, largely so as not to detract from the role of the candidate, Luis Tudanca, who a couple of hours later plays it out in the second debate. But Ferraz modified the plans: there was a meeting with the socialist mayors of the province to show municipal muscle and a rally before some 500 people as a show of strength. Syria Now! He will close on Friday in the capital with the biggest act he has done in the entire campaign. “After seeing how the PP is doing, they don’t know whether to talk about Sánchez or Castilla y León because of their nerves, I am clear that what seems like a wish today is going to become a reality on February 13,” said the socialist leader who, before an elderly audience, began his speech by talking about Felipe González to finish by saying that he represents social democracy: “It is not felipismo, nor zapaterismo nor sanchismo, it is called socialism, social democracy, which is what the PSOE”.

During almost all his speech, Sánchez has had on the president’s jacket when talking about his meetings with international leaders, such as Joe Biden, the negotiation of European funds or the unified purchase of vaccines at European level, and has referred, specifically, to his investiture speech, when he already spoke of tackling depopulation, which is Soria’s main problem and for which the platform that threatens to steal up to two seats from the PSOE has emerged. This is how he told the audience that already in January 2020 he spoke “of the need to decentralize the State.” Not only because we believe that growth must be distributed but because we are clear that the citizen does not have to approach the State but the State citizens guaranteeing well-being wherever they live: in Madrid or in a town in Soria”, he stated.

After listing his Government’s achievements, such as the revaluation of pensions, the labor reform or the increase in the Interprofessional Minimum Wage, Sánchez has taken the opportunity to vindicate the PSOE and that has been the only moment in which he has implicitly referred to Soria Ya! with which the socialists share a large part of the demands. “I have enormous respect for all the parties and platforms that can be presented, but I make a reflection to the citizens: these transformations, equitable and effective responses can only be made feasible by a party like the PSOE in the city of Soria, in the Government of Spain or in the Board”, he said in the presence of the city’s mayor, Carlos Martínez.

“We are a government of word and action and what we say we fulfill”, he said later: “If Soria does not do well, Spain does not do well; but if Spain does well, Soria will do well It is the great lesson that we have to extract”. Sánchez has asked his supporters to encourage the mobilization, but also to convince the undecided: “We need to concentrate the vote even more.” The strong idea of ​​​​the PSOE in recent days is that PP and Vox will govern together if they have an absolute majority. That is why Sánchez has spoken of a PSOE government or a “coalition” government of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco with the extreme right.

“Whenever we socialists govern in Spain, we do good things for Soria and for Castilla y León”, said the president, who referred to specific measures that he has launched in Soria, such as the recent announcement of a National Center for Photography, the Center for Management and Protection of Social Security Data, and “many other projects” that he promised in that act without going into details. “Can you imagine how we could multiply the opportunities and progress of this land if we had a socialist government in Spain, a progressive government in Castilla y León and a socialist mayor in Soria? It’s very simple: next February 13 to vote socialist” , it is finished.

Much more explicit in the fight with Soria Ya! They have been those who preceded him. “We don’t just protest, we don’t just claim, we later put a solution on the table. Is someone going to give us lessons in love for our land?”, claimed the Government delegate, Virginia Barcones, who has quoted a few militants of the PSOE “activists against depopulation”: “We have been fighting against it for years”.

The calculations of the PSOE is that they will lose a seat in favor of Soria Ya! and the PP, another. Thus, the 3-2 distribution of the 2019 elections would be 2-2-1. However, some polls predict the entry of the Platform in the Courts with three prosecutors, which would be to the detriment of the Socialists. That is what is at stake. “A warning with these new parties that arise and say that things are going to change: remember what happened to us in 2019, remember those who came, what happened? That the PP smeared them, put them in seats and agreed with them. who came to regenerate politics, what they have done is degenerate politics and keep the PP in government for two more years,” said the head of the list, Ángel Hernández.

“The Government has turned to Soria in this campaign. All the ministers have come with something under their arms, with opportunities and a future. No leader of the PP can come to sell something to Soria,” said Hernández, who thanked the president “all investments” in the province. So has the mayor of the capital, who has listed projects from the photography center to “corrective public policies” through the repair of the walls of various towns. “There is no other alternative than the PSOE that guarantees change,” said Carlos Martines, who warned that “you cannot enter into a barter.” “Soria’s future will go through a data center, a photography center, a railway, highways, roads, opportunities, but a society without values ​​cannot have a future. Therefore, education, health, public policies, equal opportunities are the basic pillar that transforms a society. That is why we have to unite the vote around the PSOE”, warned the alderman after warning that “opening the door of the extreme right is blowing up the fundamental pillar of the rule of law”: “We cannot allow ourselves the luxury of whitewashing fascism within the institutions and that can only be stopped by the PSOE”.