Wednesday, October 27

Sánchez rules out the curfew and says that communities have tools to deal with the increase in infections

Pedro Sánchez rules out taking concrete measures from the Government to face the increase in infections that has occurred coinciding with the relaxation of restrictions, especially those of nightlife. The president considers that the communities currently have the necessary tools to face the final stretch of the pandemic and refuses to go further with others such as the curfew, which has been demanded by the Junta de Castilla y León.

The president, who appeared alongside his Estonian counterpart, Kaja Kallas, explained that the “decentralized health system” is “in the hands of the communities” and that, therefore, the Government has to “share decisions with them” . “In the inter-territorial council, depending on the evolution, there are a series of answers that the communities can give. It is not necessary to approve anything more than what has been agreed,” he responded to journalists.

Given the increase in the accumulated incidence, which has doubled in less than two weeks, Sánchez has insisted that “the important thing is to continue with this vaccination process”, which he recalled that he is carrying out averages of administration of doses higher than 400,000 daily and that have broken records of more than 700,000. “It shows the extraordinary health system that we have in our country,” said the president, who has praised the work of health workers as well as the “Spanish citizens” who “want to be vaccinated.” Sánchez recalled that 70% of the population will be immunized in August. “That is our goal and we are going to achieve it.”

However, he has taken the opportunity to ask the “younger population” for prudence. “Let’s not lower our guard,” he asked, although he acknowledged that he understands the conditions of “fatigue” now that summer begins. “They can hurt themselves. They can make older generations who are more vulnerable sick,” he said.

Sánchez began a tour of the Baltic countries this Tuesday that will take him to Riga (Latvia) and Vilnius (Lithuania), as well as Tallinn (Estonia), where he has spoken these words, and the cumulative incidence is much lower than in Spain. In fact, masks are not seen since their use is not mandatory neither in outdoor spaces nor in closed places.