Sunday, August 14

Sánchez settles the crisis with Morocco and says that the Government will respond to the courts on minors in Ceuta

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, thanked this Saturday in a press appearance for the last words pronounced by the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, about the bilateral relations between the two countries. “We are allies, we are neighbors, we are brothers and – therefore we welcome – those words because on trust, respect and present and future collaboration we can build a more solid relationship on more solid foundations than the one we have had until now, “said Sánchez. “Opportunities arise from every crisis and this is a great opportunity to redefine those relationships and the pillars on which they are based. In that sense, I can only thank and acknowledge the words of the King of Morocco.”

The lawyers and activists who supported the Moroccan minors to stop the returns: “We fight against the clock”

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The king of Morocco settled the open diplomatic crisis with Spain on Friday night, wishing to “inaugurate an unprecedented stage” in relations between the two countries, which must be based on “trust, transparency, mutual consideration and respect for the commitments “. “With sincere optimism, we express the desire to continue working with the Spanish Government and its president, Pedro Sánchez, in order to inaugurate an unprecedented stage in the relations between our two countries,” said the monarch this Friday in his annual speech. on the occasion of the Revolution of the King and the People.

After his visit to the temporary camp that welcomes refugees from Afghanistan at the Torrejón military base, Sánchez appeared before the media flanked by the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, and the president of the European Commission. In that appearance, he was also questioned about the recent crisis of Moroccan minors returned from Ceuta to Morocco.

“Complex balance of coexistence”

“At all times what we have done has been to take care of the minors, together with the authorities of the autonomous city of Ceuta, the NGOs and the Kingdom of Morocco. Now what we have to do is respond to a double dimension of this crisis. First, that of the more than a thousand minors in Ceuta right now and, secondly, responding to the complex balance of coexistence in the city of Ceuta “, said Sánchez and added:” Logically, as it is a full democracy, as Spain is, we will be attentive and will respond to any of the requirements that the courts pose to us “.

Sánchez thanked the community executive for the support during what he called “unfortunate days” in May, when the migratory crisis with the neighboring country broke out. Michel and Von der Leyen have closed ranks with the head of the Spanish Executive and have underlined the strategic importance of Morocco for the EU.