Sunday, February 5

Sánchez, to Feijóo: “Despite the fact that they try to keep Parliament from speaking, I guarantee that it will do so loud and clear”

The bridges between the Government and the opposition are broken. And it does not seem easy that they can be reconstructed for some key issues such as the renewal of constitutional bodies. The decision of the Constitutional Court, at the request of the PP, to paralyze the legislative reform aimed at modifying the system for appointing members of the guarantee court has entrenched Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who have starred this Wednesday in the last face to face of the year in the Senate. A bitter debate in which both have been accused of contempt for the institutions and in which the Prime Minister has confirmed that he will insist on unlocking the renewal of the Constitution: “Parliament is going to speak loud and clear.”

The PSOE seeks support to carry out its Constitutional reform as a bill


Feijóo replied: “Call elections and we’ll really talk.” The leader of the PP arrived at the control session with a victory under his arm: the decision of the Constitutional Court to suspend the parliamentary processing of a part of the reform of the Penal Code for including two amendments aimed at modifying the laws of the Judiciary and of the court.

The leader of the PP has accused Sánchez of “perfecting the manual of obedience to the independentistas”. “They offer one thing, he tells them that not, they raise the tone and you start to study it and come to the conclusion that it is worth it, it is the right thing to do, it improves coexistence and you have no other way out. And before I say that Yeah, they already make another new, additional proposal. And nothing happens because the socialist bench applauds you, ”she snapped.

“He promised not to depend on the independentistas, to recover the crime of illegal referendum and to fight against corruption,” he reproached him, to predict that with the reform of the crime of embezzlement “it will happen the same as with the yes is yes”. Feijóo has concluded his first turn with a question: “Is he going to continue like this? Are you going to continue in the independence movement or are you going to go over to constitutionalism?

Sánchez’s response has been immediate, and it is not the first time that the president has resorted to it: “There have been two illegal referendums under the PP government and a unilateral declaration of independence with you in the government.”

Sánchez has reproached Feijóo for having resorted to the Constitutional Court to paralyze the processing of a law. “What you and I are doing, speaking freely and democratically, without restriction, has been the usual practice throughout these 44 years of democracy,” he assured. “It happens that for a few days the powers that surround and direct it, less and less hidden, have achieved a transcendent and important milestone in this country, which is to remove powers from parliaments. The power to propose, debate and legislate ”., He added. “This is the question”, he pointed out, to conclude: “I have heard him say that he is willing to do whatever it takes”.

“Mr. Feijóo has been in national politics for nine months,” he continued. “What has he got? Quite a milestone, silence the Cortes Generales. That is the great contribution of the Feijóo PP”. And he has settled: “Seniors of the PP, Mr. Feióoo. They are trying, but despite the fact that they try to keep Parliament from speaking, I already guarantee that Parliament will speak loud and clear”.

Feijóo says that he agreed with the Sánchez before the elections

“All of us who disagree with you put democracy at risk. Now, lowering the sentences for the corrupt improves coexistence”, Feijóo replied ironically to the Prime Minister. “Stop kidding the Spanish. Stop provoking. Stop disqualifying the Constitutional. leave it already There is not a single European Prime Minister who speaks like you, except for two. Leave it now ”, he pointed out, referring to Sánchez’s criticism of the Constitutional decision.

The comparison with the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban, and the Polish, Mateusz Morawiecki, is not new. But this Wednesday Feijóo has gone a little further by pointing out: “Nobody has questioned the legitimacy of his electoral victory. The one who questions the legitimacy of what he does is yourself, the one who questions the legitimacy of what he says is yourself. Saying what he has said about the Constitutional Constitution has not been said by anyone ”, he pointed out.

“The democratic and institutional architecture that has taken us 40 years to strengthen cannot be allowed to be reduced to ashes,” he told him. “They are going for all the institutions”, has predicted the leader of the PP, who has warned Sánchez “not to underestimate the intelligence of the Spaniards”. “Don’t think that all PSOE voters are going to follow you,” he anticipated.

“If you want to go back to what you promised, we will meet,” Feijóo said. “He promised the same thing that I believe in: classifying the referendum, not pardoning, not touching the crime of embezzlement, that the judges choose the judges,” he added. “If he wants, we meet again because we agreed before the elections.”

A phrase that has not gone unnoticed by the senators, who have celebrated it with cheers. Feijóo has responded to Sánchez: “Since Parliament is going to speak, let the whole of Spaniards really speak, with intensity. Call elections and we really talk, without limits”. “Mr. Pedro Sánchez Pérez Castejón of 2019 would not vote for Pedro Sánchez Pérez Castejón of 2022”, he concluded, although at the last moment he got stuck and did not say the president’s last name correctly.

The head of the Executive has responded that he has no intention of calling elections. “The terms are four years. But the PP has a nuance: when they don’t win, elections the next day, ”he ironized. And he added: “The CGPJ mandate is five years, but the PP has a nuance, that when they are not interested, it is for life. The Constitutional mandate is nine years, but the PP has a nuance when they are not appointed by the PP, because then it has an imperishable mandate. “There is only one legitimate victory, when the PP and the parties that support it win.”

“We are not going to allow it”, he assured, “He has gone too far”, he pointed out. “He will have won a few weeks, but he has lost a lot: he has lost what little credit he had left,” he pointed out.

Sánchez has attacked Feijóo’s first political course in Madrid. “He has been in national politics for nine months and has gone very far, further than his predecessor [Pablo Casado]”, he told him, to attack him: “It will be because he does not want to suffer the same fate”.