Sunday, January 16

Sánchez will impose the mandatory mask outdoors

The mandatory outdoor mask is back. Pedro Sánchez has transferred to the regional presidents that the Government will approve a decree law in an extraordinary Council of Ministers this Thursday to impose again that measure that five of them had proposed before the advance of the omnicron variant. This has been communicated to him at the start of the conference of presidents called last Saturday to study “new measures” with which to fight against the sixth wave in the face of the exponential increase in infections that has led to the overload of primary care. The reinforcement of health services is one of the objectives that, on a global basis, the Executive will implement while specific restrictions remain, as up to now, in the hands of the autonomous communities.

Given the overload in primary care and the increase in hospital admissions, Sánchez sees a need to reinforce the human resources of the health services, which will legally enable the possibility that public and private centers can hire retired and early-retired health personnel ” “They will continue to maintain their benefits,” he explained, according to regional sources. Communities will also be empowered to hire “professionals with a specialist degree obtained in non-EU member states,” according to sources from Moncloa. The government also wants to reinforce vaccination devices with the Armed Forces as well as make military hospitals available to health services.

He has also defended an action plan in primary and community care with the idea of ​​”increasing the number of health professionals available and improving their working conditions, reducing temporary employment to below 8%”. “The General State Budgets will allocate 292 million euros to this plan, most of it transferred to the autonomous communities,” says the Government.

New vaccination targets

Sánchez has also insisted on the need to intensify and accelerate the vaccination process and has established the following objectives: that 80% of the population between 60-69 years of age be vaccinated with a third dose before the end of the year; reach that percentage in the range from 50 to 59 the week of January 24 and from 40 to 49 years the first week of March; reach 70% of the first pediatric dose the week of February 7 and 70% of children vaccinated on April 19.


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