Friday, December 3

Santander, Inditex, Meliá, Freixenet, Cosentino, Borges, Alvic or Ferrovial act as great ambassadors of the Spain brand in the world

According to the ‘Country Brands Ranking 2021’ by Brand Finance, which analyzes the 100 most valuable in the world, the Spain brand has increased its value by 4% this year and is positioned at number 12. Thanks to this increase it goes back the 28% drop that it registered in the last edition caused by the impact of the coronavirus.

Marca España is a state policy that aims to improve the image of our country inside and outside our borders. In a globalized world, reputation is key when it comes to attracting investment, stimulating the export of goods and services, attracting talent or promoting tourism, among others.

Among the companies that stand out for their strength abroad are those in the banking sector, one of the strongest in our country, led by companies such as Santander, BBVA or CaixaBank. Infrastructure construction companies also stand out, one of the most promising sectors and which brings together a large number of world leading companies, such as ACS, OHL, Sacyr, Ferrovial or Acciona.

Another of the sectors that stand out for their strength abroad is Energy, with companies such as Iberdrola, Naturgy or Endesa as leading exponents, as well as telecommunications, led by Telefónica.

The well-known Spanish textile sector is, of course, one of the main known internationally, with the Inditex group and Zara as absolute leaders, but in which other groups such as Mango also stand out, and in which small companies also contribute quality and renown. national brands and designers.

The agri-food industry is the main sector of Spanish industry, increasingly open to the foreign market, and which positions our country as the fourth agri-food power in Europe. More than 30,000 companies in the sector export food and beverages, although at the level of brand recognition, Pascual, Damm, Campofrío, Freixenet, Borges or Mahou-San Miguel stand out, among many others.

Commerce, tourism and hospitality, on the other hand, are also very relevant sectors with large Spanish representatives, but which have been seriously affected by the coronavirus crisis, and whose activity has fallen by more than 24%, according to data from the sector report by DBK. Some of the main brands in this sector are eDreams, Meliá, IAG, Aena and Amadeus.

Finally, it is worth highlighting a sector in full growth, and with great commitment to internationalization, such as decoration and furniture. For example, Spanish furniture exports increased by 41.3% during the first four months of 2021. In this sector, brands such as Cosentino, Porcelanosa or Alvic stand out, great representatives of this growing sector.

All these brands and sectors, along with others, and also thanks to various personalities from the world of sports or culture, are directly responsible for the well-being of the Spain brand, positioning Spain as a modern country both domestically and abroad, and enhancing the value of the brand.

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