Monday, December 4

Santander leads the ranking of corporate bond issuers in Argentina

“At Santander Argentina we are very proud to be number one in the local market and to be able to accompany companies in their investment projects”commented José Bandin, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking. “The local debt market is a strategic business for Santander and the objective is to continue consolidating our leadership,” he added.

In 2021, Santander led the segment, participating in 88 issues for more than 250,000 million pesos, as an organizer and also as a setter and organizer of the 65% of all corporate bonds in the market.

Likewise, Santander Argentina was the placement agent of the first Sustainable Negotiable Obligation issued by Plaza Logística in the local debt market (the destination of funds has a green and social impact at the same time). The funds were used for an SVS Project (Social, Green, Sustainable) for the construction of a sustainable building, with the commitment to provide employment to young people in vulnerable situations.

It also reaffirmed its commitment to the sustainable investments being the sole organizer of the first placement of a Sustainability-linked Negotiable Obligation (SLB) in Argentina issued by San Miguel, a leader in the production and marketing of fruits in the southern hemisphere.

The clients who trusted Santander to reach the debt market are the following:

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