Wednesday, October 27

Santiago-Madrid by train: three hours and 20 minutes from December

The train journey between Galicia and Madrid has long exceeded the same route by road. At present, the trip in Alvia between the capitals of Galicia and the State is around four and a half hours, with prices that make it very competitive with respect to other modes of transport. In December the infrastructure takes another step forward with the launch of the AVE that will link both points in three hours and 20 minutes.

Sánchez affirms that the AVE will arrive in Galicia in December

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The completion of the works on the AVE line between Madrid and Galicia, scheduled for December this year, will reduce travel times between 54 minutes and one hour and 28 minutes.

This is what Renfe highlights in a statement in which it recalls that this initial reduction will be complemented by a saving in travel time of 20 minutes during the summer of 2022, with the start-up of Talgo’s 106 series trains.

In any case, current services will cut your travel times with Madrid. This December, once the works on the line to Ourense are finished.

Between Ourense and Madrid, the times will be reduced to one hour and 28 minutes, the Vigo and Pontevedra trains will cut their current times by 54 minutes, Santiago will reduce the travel time by one hour and 4 minutes, A Coruña by one hour and 3 minutes, while Lugo will shorten the duration of the trip by 57 minutes.

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