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Santiago Segura once again saves the Spanish cinema box office with ‘Padre no hay más que uno 3’

History repeats itself. Another summer, Santiago Segura premieres a movie and another summer sweeps the box office. It begins to become a tradition that the director breaks expectations with his new foray into family cinema. Despite the criticism, Segura connects with viewers, and with the third installment of Father there is only one confirms it. The new film has raised 3.1 million euros in its first four days and added more than half a million viewers. It is the best premiere of the franchise, which with its first film achieved 1,762,576 and with the second 2,186,263 in its first days in theaters. It is also the best premiere of a Spanish film since 2016, as reported by Sony, the film’s distributor.

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Now it remains to be seen what its path will be, but being a family film, a genre that works very well on vacations and during everyday days, it surely threatens to be the highest grossing of the saga. in just four days Father there is only one 3 It surpasses Alcarràs, which until now had the honor of being the highest grossing Spanish film of the year with 2,092,275 euros, a spectacular figure for adult and auteur cinema. Segura has surpassed it in just one weekend with a film that has been released in 449 cinemas, the highest number of screens since 2019.

The expectations were not so high, especially since the competition was fierce. There were many films for family audiences, including the third installment of The minionswhich has settled for third place, and the new Marvel, Thor: Love and Thunder, which has yielded first place to the leading family of the saga directed by Santiago Segura, who is surely already preparing a new installment. It is not the director’s first franchise to hit the box office, as he was responsible for Torrente, whose five films were unprecedented successes. The director knew how to read the change in the public and turned towards a white and inoffensive comedy, and the results are spectacular.

Now he is preparing the second part of another saga, that of to all train, whose first film was the highest grossing Spanish film in 2021 with 8,493,358 euros. For four years, the title of our highest-grossing cinema has been directed by him. In fact, in 2020, when the cinemas had just opened the shutters after confinement and no films were arriving from Hollywood, he advanced the premiere of Father there is only one 2, which gave air to the cinemas thanks to its excellent result. In 2019, Father there is only one It was the highest grossing Spanish film of the year with 14,240,856 euros. A year later, its sequel did the same with 12,940,792.

Air for Spanish cinema

The figures of Father there is only one 3 they are a breath of fresh air for Spanish cinema. While Hollywood cinema had managed to bring people back to theaters, especially with family and adolescent cinema thanks to sagas like Marvel or Jurassic Parkin addition to animated films such as The minionsSpanish films had not achieved any mass phenomenon. None of the titles that should have swept have done so. Nor the terror with The grandmothernor Telecinco Cinema productions such as Malnazidos or comedies that years ago would have worked as The game of keys got a correct result.

Segura breaks that curse and improves the figures of the industry, which until now had only added 16.8 million euros out of a total collection of 186.6 million according to data from the Taquilla España website, which every week analyzes all the results of movie premieres. Family cinema continues to function, and this year the director may prove it again, since the sequel to to all train is scheduled to premiere on December 2, 2022, on Christmas dates that can make it the second big hit of the year and achieve something that has never been seen, that the two highest-grossing films of the year in Spanish cinema are directed by the same person.

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