Thursday, July 7

Santonja defends that he did not ‘work and endure’ for money at the Institute of the Language of Castilla y León

“This is how ‘mombrú’ went to war”. These statements by the Citizens Attorney, Francisco Igea, have caused the Minister of Culture of Castilla y León, Gonzalo Santonja, to give his version of how he hired himself as an advisor, as published exclusively by Santonja did not like the allusion of the Ciudadanos to the company with which he invoiced, Monbrún SL, with which the counselor ‘ceded’ intellectual and exploitation rights to the foundation.

During his first speech at the Cortes Culture Commission, Santonja cited Diego Álvaro’s slate —Visigothic epigraphic slate— for “some notes” by his “father”, just before reproaching the criticism for having clung to the position of director at the Institute of the Language of Castilla y León. “Yes, from my father, because of that nature were my reasons for working as I worked and putting up with what I put up with at the Language Institute. Not the money, something perhaps impossible to understand by those who have slandered me, perhaps portraying them, not me, ”he said.

Asked about the letter to the editor of El País in support of former leader Telesforo Monzón in 1979, Santonja alluded to his attendance at a Herri Batasuna rally. “Going to listen to someone is not a crime. If you want more references, Miguel de Unamuno went to listen to José Antonio Primo de Rivera at his meeting. And there were those who blamed him. And he said: you have to come and listen to anyone”, assured the Minister of Culture.

Santonja has directly questioned Igea: “You will not find an article of mine in Egin or in any HB newspaper. And they asked me many, they tried to write. And you won’t find any. You know that they have been searched with a magnifying glass”. Given these statements, the former regional vice president has replied: “What you will not find are things like these that the director of an institute hires himself to advise himself.”

The 16,000 euros from the Language Institute

The counselor has assured that of the 16,000 euros he received for advising himself as director of the Language Institute. “The UCM keeps 25% and IRPF must be applied to them. It was 900 euros a month. That was the money that I understood that I was spending in the performance of my function. Because I didn’t have any type of cards, it’s another slander, and I’ve never had representation expenses. I did not live in Burgos, this generated a series of expenses for me, ”he replied in the Culture Commission.

In addition, Santonja has assured that “one of the things” that cost him the most to accept the position of counselor was his students, due to his passion for teaching and for directing doctoral theses, as he has expressed.

Santonja assumed the direction of the Language Institute in 2002. In 2010 —according to Santonja’s story—, he planned to return to the University and the Board asked him to continue as director, for which he needed to benefit from article 83 of the Organic Law of Universities that regulates the compatibility of university professors with works and projects of a scientific nature. He has to ask for compatibility and make a contract through the Complutense Foundation.

“This did not have to be so bad when his counselor, Javier Ortega, (Cs) proposed the renewal of the first board of trustees. Javier Ortega not only proposes that the commission be renewed, but to pay me a tribute. Right there I answered that he did not want any kind of tribute, because I believe little in those things, ”said Santonja.

“This commission is requested by the Ministry of Culture, public intervention approves it, it is formally requested by the Ministry of the Presidency, it is approved unanimously in my department of Philology, and unanimously in the Faculty Board, year after year. And then there is a rectorial resolution. And all these things are verifiable, if you want I can put the papers at your disposal”, Santonja stated shortly before adding: “If something was done wrong, it was done by the Ministry of the Presidency —Public Function—, the Ministry of Culture, the Complutense University Foundation, my Philology department, the Faculty Board and the rector. Man, please”, he said in the permanent commission of Culture, who has offered to tell the former vice president about a “feat” of the portfolio that Ciudadanos previously managed but that the president of the Commission has finally not allowed.