Thursday, July 29

Santos Cerdán will be secretary of Organization of the PSOE when Ábalos resigns

Santos Cerdán will be the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE when José Luis Ábalos resigns from that position after Pedro Sánchez informed him this Saturday of his departure from the Government and the decision that he would not continue in that position in the party as of the 40th Congress that is held. will celebrate in the fall. In Ferraz they await the imminent resignation of Ábalos and trust that it will take place this Monday or Tuesday. The next Executive will formally approve the appointment of Cerdán, according to socialist sources.

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The Navarrese leader has been Ábalos’ right hand as head of Territorial Coordination and has assumed much of the contact with the federations once Ábalos went to the Ministry of Transport, Urban Agenda and Mobility. Cerdán will now be responsible for piloting the congressional process that was launched in the Federal Committee last weekend.

Pending the resignation of Ábalos, who after the president informed him of his dismissal transferred that this week he would make the decision on whether or not to continue in the Organization Secretariat until October, Cerdán will be number three in the party in which sources of the direction emphasize that Adriana Lastra, deputy secretary general, will continue having “the command in square”.

Cerdán, who was secretary of Organization of the PSN, is one of Sánchez’s most trusted people since the 2017 primaries in which he defeated Susana Díaz and was one of those responsible for coordinating the collection of guarantees in which the then ex-secretary general obtained more than 50,000 signatures surprising his rivals.

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