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São Paulo councilor suggests that Paulo Guedes will buy Bitcoin

In a recent session at the São Paulo City Council, a councilor declared that Economy Minister Paulo Guedes will buy Bitcoin, if he hasn’t already.

The outburst was made by Councilor Arnaldo Faria de Sá (PP-SP), who spoke during the 78th Ordinary Session of the 18th Legislature, on October 13, 2021. Even though the session was held over a month ago , the summary of what the councilors spoke was published this Saturday (20).

Even so, the session took place days after the release of Pandora Papers, on October 3, which gained worldwide repercussion after revealing several offshores with 11.9 million leaked documents, containing both Paulo Guedes and Roberto Campos Neto, president of the Central Bank of Brazil on the list as owners of these companies.

After great repercussions, Minister Paulo Guedes released a note about Pandora Papers, saying that he had done nothing wrong and that his company was declared to the Federal Revenue of Brazil. Anyway, the disclosure still continues to draw attention across the country and the world.

Alderman of São Paulo said that Paulo Guedes would buy Bitcoin with a “guy”

As published in the Official Gazette of the City of São Paulo this Saturday, councilor Faria de Sá was not at all satisfied with the Minister of Economy on October 13, at an ordinary session of the Chamber of Councilors.

His indignation was due to the vote around PLO 7/2021, called SampaPrev 2, imposing new rules on the Social Security System of the Municipality of São Paulo.

For the councilor, this project was under pressure at the time of the meeting because of Paulo Guedes and the Federal Government, which imposed Federal Menu 103 on the states and municipalities. However, Faria de Sá believed that after the publication of Pandora Papers, the minister by Jair Bolsonaro should “explain how you can have all this money in a tax haven, as it moves the entire Brazilian economy“.

After that, the councilor criticized the discussion about a new pension plan for São Paulo’s civil servants, and another had been made recently. To carry out any changes at the request of Paulo Guedes, the councilor asked that he be pressured by the president of Brazil to renounce all his possessions, at which time he suggested that minister Paulo Guedes will buy Bitcoin with “a guy”.

“Saying that you’ve gone ahead, that someone else is taking care of you – your daughter, your wife – doesn’t solve it, because the bitcoin guy is already where he should be and Paulo Guedes must be on his way, because, without a doubt, is committing a lack of respect for the Brazilian people.”

The speech against Paulo Guedes was made at a moment when the councilor of São Paulo was unburdened, who was against the approval that changes the rules in the Social Security of São Paulo. However, publicly Paulo Guedes has never commented on being a Bitcoin investor before, this being just a speculation by the São Paulo councilor.

When he was federal deputy, Faria de Sa he has also fought against changes in Social Security during the FHC, Lula, Dilma and Temer governments, as he says on his personal page.

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