Tuesday, November 30

São Paulo MP promotes public event on cryptocurrencies

The Public Ministry of São Paulo (MP-SP) promotes a public event on cryptocurrencies and regulatory advances in the sector.

The event will address important issues for the role of the Public Ministry in its investigations on the subject. It is worth remembering that in recent days the MP created a public debate with a podcast expert on innovations.

In addition, the institution will participate in a course with the US embassy, ​​in international cooperation on the themes of cryptocurrencies and the Dark Net.

Public Ministry organizes another event on cryptocurrencies

Called “Cryptocurrencies: Regulatory Advances, Compliance, Good Practices and Public Prosecution Service“, the São Paulo MP organizes a public webinar on the subject.

The meeting will take place on November 29, at 10 am, through the YouTube of the public institution of investigations. The objective of the new meeting on the subject this November is justified by the need to “better understanding of this new system to the legal practitioners“.

The mediator of the meeting will be José Roberto Fumach Júnior, an advisor to the Superior School of the MPSP. The exhibitors will be Richard Gantus Encinas (Cyber ​​Gaeco Prosecutor – MPSP) and Vanessa Butalla (Group 2Tm Compliance and Regulatory Director).

“Escola Superior, in partnership with the MPSP and the Blockchain Academy, promotes the webinar Cryptocurrencies: regulatory advances, compliance, good practices and performance in the Public Ministry, on Monday (11/29), at 10 am, with live broadcast by YouTube.”

MP SP event on cryptocurrencies / Disclosure

Anyone who registers to participate in the event will be able to receive a certificate of participation. This event will have the support of São Paulo to broadcast the debate in Libras.

It is worth noting that the interest of the Public Ministry of São Paulo in the subject of cryptocurrencies grew a lot this November, after the announcement of the third event on the subject in less than 30 days.

With investigations against companies suspected of operating schemes in this sector, the MPSP has already participated in several operations in the state. One of the most recent was Operation CriptoBlow, which arrested six leaders of a financial pyramid called Criptbank S/A in several cities in São Paulo.

In addition, MPSP investigations led members to look for a “Bitcoin teacher” in Praia Grande who was allegedly hitting investors with promises of income. These cases are just a few that led the MP to act in the state, which justifies an increase in interest in training on the subject.


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