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Sareb stops ‘in extremis’ the eviction of a Vallecas block that it intended to evict by surprise

The eviction without notice is the modality with which the residents of a block of buildings in the San Diego neighborhood, in Vallecas, found themselves on May 23. Police and judicial commission appeared at the door to expel the tenants of the six floors of the block, who had no news of the matter, according to the platform of those affected by the mortgage ‘PAH Vallekas’. The expulsion was then postponed until June 22. The building is owned by Sareb, the state company that manages the toxic real estate assets of the real estate crisis. “As usual for Sareb, the entity supposedly kept the block after the management company, Amejur SL, incurred a debt with the so-called bad bank,” they point out. Amejur is linked to Rubén Fernández, former mayor of the Popular Party and former president of the Leganés Sports Club. Sareb now alleges that it has formally asked the court to stop the eviction, given that three of the families are in a vulnerable situation.

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The spokesman for the ‘PAH Vallekas’, Diego Sanz, points out that a neighbor had just come to pay the rent when the agents were found at the door of the house on May 23. Another, who was leaving to work, was told that it was better for her not to go. If the eviction was stopped, it was because the attorney “took pity” on the tenants and agreed to postpone the expulsion for a month, he explains. The judicial resolution that dictated the eviction was from April 19 and arrived at the manager’s headquarters, according to the PAH, which says that she has not yet had access to the document. Neither this company nor Sareb notified the neighbors, they censor.

Judicial swing of owners and tenants

Rubén Fernández, “CEO” of Amejur, according to his profile on the LinkedIn social network, indicates by phone that his company was only the tenant of the property, originally owned by the Holland City construction company, of which there is no trace on the Internet. Hollan City, SL does appear, a company that had its registered office in the building now in dispute and in which Fernández held the position of representative, at least in the past. The manager assures that in a previous foreclosure process his right as a tenant was recognized and that, since then, he collected the rent from the tenants. With Sareb already the owner, a second procedure, this time for non-payment of rent by Amejur, is the one that has put an end to the eviction orders, alleges the manager. “They say that the payments are not made, but they are,” he defends himself. “That [si] they were made after the deadline, then Sareb took a long time to send us the account number, then when they sent it, it went to another… A bummer”. During the call, Fernández says that the bad bank is now considering renting the flats directly. “But they have to hurry.”

A Sareb spokeswoman replied that, after confirming that the social services of the Madrid City Council are following up on three of the families living in the property, they have asked the court to stop the eviction, which is not an absolute guarantee that the request prosper. “The situation is particular because there is a company involved”, they excuse themselves in the bad bank, where they point out that the debt of the tenant company was around 37,000 euros.

The spokesperson for ‘PAH Vallekas’ points out that this is the fourth case in Madrid of entire blocks that Sareb has attempted to empty, after one in the Arganzuela neighbourhood, another in Puerta del Ángel and a third in Carabanchel. The characteristics of the block place it squarely, moreover, within the framework of the so-called Sareb Plan, the campaign organized by anti-eviction groups from all over the country to demand that the tenants of real estate owned by the toxic asset management company move to the public park of housing, and that affects about 300 tenants in different situations.

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