Tuesday, November 29

Saudi Arabia began to build its city The Line | Digital Trends Spanish

Some time ago we showed The Linethe first mega futuristic city designed by a Saudi Arabian architecture firm and that seemed to stay in that line of projects that vanish like sand in the wind.

But it seems that the Saudis took it too seriously, since a video shows that the works of the citadel of 170 kilometers, 200 meters wide and 500 meters high transparent walls have begun in the middle of the desert.

Between those two walls there is a completely autonomous city with its own transport, homes, offices, leisure areas and gardens.

The video was posted on YouTube by architecture news outlet Dezeen, but was shot by the Saudi Arabian company Ot Sky. The drone view footage is pretty lacking in detail. All you see is construction equipment and trucks scattered across the desert to a triumphant soundtrack as The Line’s massive footprint forms on the desert horizon. The creators of The Line are the Neom agency, a kind of fusion of architecture, engineering and sustainability studio created by the Saudi Arabian government to innovate in the nation.

Drone footage reveals The Line megacity under construction in Saudi Arabia

Traveling from one end of the city to the other (remember, 170km) will take only 20 minutes, so we assume that it will be equipped with something like a Hyperloop. There will also be a constant microclimate inside.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman hinted at a possible completion date of around 2030 in a Neom press release.

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