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Saudi Arabia launches ‘large-scale’ military operation against rebels in Yemen



The coalition led by Saudi Arabia launched a “large-scale” military operation on Saturday in Yemen, after a rebel attack houthis It will leave two dead and seven wounded, the insurgents’ first operation in three years resulting in casualties.

According to doctors, in a retaliatory attack by Riad In Yemen, three people were killed and six injured in Ajama, a town north of the rebel-controlled capital Sana’a.

After the bombing of Riyadh, the Houthis warned that they will respond with “painful” actions if the coalition does not stop its “aggressions”.

Since 2015, the Saudi kingdom has led a coalition that supports the Government of Yemen, which has been at war with the Houthi rebels for seven years.

The Houthis, close to Iran, they often attack the territory of Saudi Arabia from Yemen.

The civil defense of the Saudi kingdom reported that two people, a Saudi and a Yemeni, had died during an attack in the Arab region of Jazan, on the border with Yemen.

“A shell landed on a commercial building, killing two, a Saudi and a Yemeni citizen. There were also seven civilian injuries, six Saudis and one Bangladeshi citizen, ”the official Saudi statement said.

Shortly after this attack, the coalition He indicated that he was preparing for “a large-scale military operation” against the rebels. A press conference will take place on Sunday.

Attacks on airports and oil installations

Although Yemeni rebels regularly launch missiles Y drones Against airports and oil infrastructures in neighboring Saudi Arabia, this attack is the first with fatalities since 2018.

In the Yemeni countryside, medical sources reported that three people were killed and six others injured during retaliatory coalition airstrikes northwest of Yemen’s capital Sana’a.

“Three civilians, including a child and a woman, died in the city of Ajama, and there were six injured,” the doctors told AFP.

The fighting has intensified in recent times. In the capital, Fury, which has suffered from the blockade of Saudi Arabia since 2016, the bombings of Riyadh hit the airport, which since Tuesday cannot receive the planes of humanitarian organizations and the UN.

Riyadh claims to respond to drone attacks departing from that airport.

On Thursday, the coalition, which the day before attacked a Houthi military camp in Sana’a, claimed to have destroyed an explosive drone headed for the Abha airport in southern Saudi Arabia, which caused no casualties.

That same day, the US navy announced that it had seized 1,400 AK-47 assault rifles and ammunition destined for Yemeni rebels from a fishing boat originating, according to them, from Iran.

Tehran recognizes its political support for the rebels but he denies supplying them with weapons.

Yemen is torn by a civil war since the Houthis took over most of the north of the country in 2014, in a conflict that the UN estimates has led to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Pope’s message

Pope Francis recalled in his Christmas message on Saturday the “immense” and “forgotten” tragedies that are experienced in Syria and in Yemen, ravaged by conflict.

“We hear the cry of children that rises from Yemen, where a huge tragedy, forgotten by all, has been perpetrated in silence for years, causing deaths every day,” said the Pope from St. Peter’s Square in Rome during his traditional review of world conflicts.

According to the UN, some 377,000 people have died both for the direct and indirect consequences of the conflict, such as the lack of clean water, famine and disease.

In this context, more than 80% of the nearly 30 million Yemenis are in need of humanitarian assistance.

On Wednesday, the UN said it was “obliged” to cut food aid to Yemen due to lack of funds, at a time when hunger is increasing in this country.

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