Wednesday, May 25

Scalar: Ubisoft’s new technology for the games of the future | Digital Trends Spanish

The Ubisoft company took advantage of this year’s Games Developer Conference to present Ubisoft Scalar, the technology with which the firm hopes to create the “games of the future.” At the conference, the director of production technology at Ubisoft pointed out that Scalar is one of the best initiatives they have worked on.

With Scalar, developers will be able to access a platform with much more creative freedom. According to the firm, it is a technology that “will change the way games are created and experienced.”

For their part, gamers will also benefit, as the barriers imposed by hardware limitations will be removed. Ubisoft Scalar is a development environment that harnesses the power of the cloud. The company emphasizes that it is not a new graphics engine or another video game streaming system, but that they define it as a tool with which they want to create the open worlds of the future.

Thanks to Scalar, it will be possible to create worlds on a much larger scale than has been seen before, with thousands of simultaneous users interacting and with the ability to create as needed.

With this release, the company aims to reduce players’ dependency on hardware, offering new possibilities for title development and improving the player experience.

For now, it is not known when the first game that takes advantage of Ubisoft Scalar technology can be seen. However, the company has already confirmed that its studio in Stockholm is working on a new IP to benefit from the power of this new system.

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