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Schneider Electric BVX700LI-GR, for examination: the questions you have sent us (and their answers) about this UPS

A few weeks ago we asked you to send us your questions about the BVX700LI-GR from Schneider Electric, a UPS with which to protect yourself from blackouts and power surges. And after you sent us your questions, today we are here to give you the answers to your doubts so that you can have all the information.

Q&A on the Schneider Electric BVX700LI-GR, on video

The first question about this device is the one that many of you ask yourself, what is really a UPS? A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply makes sure that all the devices you have connected to it do not turn off suddenly in the event that the light in the house goes out. It has a small battery, so if there is a blackout what you have connected will continue to work a time for you to save data and shutdown properly.

A UPS also regulates voltage, which also protects equipment from electrical surges. As for how long the battery lasts, when there is a blackout, it depends on the capacity of the battery and the number of devices that we have connected. Manufacturers like Schneider Electric have models that last from a few minutes to more than an hour. In addition, we tell you that the UPSs have enough power to power home servers.

You also ask us if in addition to computers they can also keep other devices working … such as a refrigerator. And the truth is that yes, although they are not designed for them and it would not last long either. Remember that your goal it is not to keep your equipment running, but to give yourself time to turn it off properly.

As you keep asking us about its operation, the UPS has to be directly plugged into the wall, and then you connect the devices to protect it. If the power goes out, the UPS has a series of audible warnings to warn you that it has started to work and you have to turn off. We answer these and other questions in the video.

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