Thursday, September 16

Scholarships of 500 euros per month are deserted because opponents cannot justify the payment to the preparer

The Generalitat Valenciana launched in 2019 a program of aid for the preparation of oppositions for admission to the bodies and scales of group A of the Autonomous Administration. Specifically, it is an “ambitious program” of 500 annual scholarships endowed with 500 euros per month and which are intended for young people up to 30 years of age with university degrees or degrees. Among the requirements, the beneficiaries had to justify having the direction of a specialized center (an academy) or a trainer to guide the process.

In the first year of the call, there were only 75 beneficiaries who opted to apply to any of the 1,700 public job offers corresponding to the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. This caused the Generalitat to relax the requirements to try to reach more young people than In many cases, they could not justify that they were preparing for the competitions, which was an essential requirement to receive the aid.

Sources from the Department of Justice, Interior and Public Administration consulted by point out that these grants, intended for graduates, engineers, architects …, “cannot be a blank check.” “The principle is that of any scholarship, and as such, you must justify that you are preparing, a guarantee that you are studying, regardless of whether or not you pass”, they highlight.

The problem, they point out, is that normally the academies focus their preparation on those mass competitions, in which there are many places and many candidates appear: “An opposition in which only seven places come out and there are many fewer opponents, it is not of interest to an academy, which prefers to focus its classes on tests that are held every year and many candidates present themselves, such as administrators, hospital guards, policemen … “. “The only one that would fall into this category would be that of General Administration Technician (TAG), which comes out every year,” they point out from the Ministry, and they acknowledge that since the 500 scholarship program was launched, it has never been it has exceeded one hundred beneficiaries.

Thus, those who prepare tests of these characteristics, very specialized and with less demand, in many cases resort to private preparers who, also in many cases, charge in black and the payments cannot be justified: “That is something that we cannot prove or Chase”. “It was considered at the time to request a responsible declaration, but we do not doubt the good faith of the people,” they explain, adding that it is public money: “We offer it every year with the hope that the academies will take the step of prepare more people. ”

Opponents who pay judges and prosecutors in B

As has revealed, there is a black market of preparers for oppositions to judge or prosecutor (more than 4,000 applicants for these positions appear each year). The fees, charged in black and “in little envelopes” by judges and prosecutors for preparing the oppositions, range between 100 and 200 euros per month per student, an amount that can reach 300 euros if the preparer is in the highest rungs of the judicial ladder . Some of these professionals of the judiciary may collect bonuses of more than 4,000 euros per month that are outside the controls of the Treasury.

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