Wednesday, November 30

Scholz commits to accelerating infrastructure and energy projects

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that wants to speed up infrastructure projects and country’s energy, moments before the start of the first closed-door meeting of the new cabinet in Berlin.

The Government wants to “get it right so that this country picks up speed”, Scholz said before the meeting of the cabinet, which has been in office for just six weeks.

Housing construction, the energy transitiona, as well as the extension of the
transport infrastructures and digital infrastructures, are among the
projects to accelerate.

Scholz lamented the slowness of the planning procedures and approval, which he considers should be speeded up considerably.

The simplification of the planning processes of the key projects of the future was one
of the main topics of the closed-door meeting that was held throughout the day in
the Foreign Ministry. “We believe that this will allow a new starting point for our country, and we also believe that it is necessaryScholz said.

There are numerous examples of important future projects being delayed by excessive of bureaucracy. The construction of a new railway line in Germany takes an average of 20 years. According to industry sources, wind turbines take between four and five years to be approved.

Before the cabinet meeting, the construction sector asked the federal government
to put fundamental reforms in place to avoid delays. “It’s just taking too long,” said Tim-Oliver Müller, CEO of the German Association of the Construction Industry.

The head of government and the 16 ministers of the government coalition formed by the Partido Social democrat, The Greens and Liberals were sworn in at the Bundestag (Lower House of Parliament) on December 8.