Friday, December 3

Scholz ties the chancellery with a “semaphore” pact

Olaf Scholz will happen to Angela Merkel as the new chancellor of Germany after forging an unprecedented “stoplight” tripartite that will lead the government to Social Democrats, Liberals and Greens.

The new executive will have to face the task of boosting the economic growth of the largest European economy in the midst of the onslaught of the coronavirus. In addition, it will have to address climate change and push forward digital technologies.

After almost two months of negotiations, the Social Democrats of Scholz they will present an agreement to put the economic and political path of the European locomotive back on track. It will be a “semaphore” coalition, with three parties, which has only happened once in the country.

The pact ensures a majority in the lower house of parliament. The inauguration of the new government will be in early December, after party members approve the coalition agreement.

Bet on renewable energies

At the center of the agreement is the commitment to renewable energy and the fight against climate change, promoting new technologies and improving the aging German infrastructures.

The government plans to stop using coal in 2030, eight years than planned, and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, which will be a challenge for the powerful German auto industry.

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