Friday, December 3

Schools will have a coordinator against bullying next year

Schools must have the school coordinator operational next year who listens to minors and warns of any situation of harassment or violence, as agreed on Monday by the Government and autonomous communities in the roadmap for the application of the protection law to childhood.

The Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 has presented at the meeting of the Sectorial Conference on Children and Adolescents held this afternoon, a document with the calendar for the implementation of measures of the law for the protection of children against violence (LOPIVI,) in force since last June .

During her speech, Minister Ione Belarra appealed to the consensus between the different public administrations to implement the law: “We have to draw up a common, clear and coordinated roadmap to guarantee its compliance.”

Among the measures agreed by the administrations, the importance of launching the 2022-2023 academic year the figure of the child welfare coordinator in educational centers and the protection delegate in sports and leisure entities has been highlighted. “They should be the part that is responsible for implementing the plans and protocols in the educational, leisure and sports fields, listening to minors and their warnings about any type of violence, and communicating risk situations”, has asserted.

“The main task in both cases is to be the reference figures for the prevention and protection against violence in the educational field and the field of sports and leisure, respectively. All educational centers (public, private and subsidized) must have with a Welfare and Protection Coordinator “, states the agreement. Madrid, Murcia, Cantabria, Castilla y León and Galicia have abstained from making the decision, waiting for, in 15 days, to be able to join, since they have to consult with ministries with powers in educational matters. The Basque Country, on the other hand, has been against the agreement.

The document establishes the implementation in September in all schools of the school coordinator and sets common criteria for the implementation of various measures provided for in the law in the following terms:

Between January and April 2022:

  • Minimum recommendations to guarantee comprehensive care for minors who are victims of violent crimes and, in any case, of crimes of a sexual nature, trafficking or gender-based violence, to promote their recovery through specialized services.
  • Establish clear, confidential and accessible communication, support and complaint mechanisms for children.
  • Catalog of actions to improve resources against digital violence.
  • Common protocols for action in schools, sports, Security Forces, centers for minors, victims of gender violence and human trafficking.

Between May and August 2022:

  • The contents of the specialized training of professionals.
  • Analysis of the development of coordinator figures in schools, sports and leisure.

In June 2022:

  • Communities must present programs for the prevention and eradication of violence against minors in the family, education, health, social services and Security Forces, among others, to include them in the National Strategy for the Eradication of Violence and transfer it to the Government .

From September to December 2022:

  • The coordinators of the schools and the leisure and sports protection delegates are already operational.
  • Modifications will be included to reinforce the specialization and composition of the intervention teams of social services, as well as changes to guarantee access to defense and free representation for victims.
  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of the information, education and awareness campaigns and specific actions will be carried out to guide the improvements necessary to have a greater impact.

Between January and March 2023:

  • Unified Registry of Social Services on Violence against Children (RUSSVI) with statistical information from primary school social services and the entity for the protection of children.

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