Tuesday, November 28

Science clarifies how much alcohol you should drink to avoid overdoing it | Digital Trends Spanish

A new report presented by the European Association for the Study of the Liver and The Lancet magazine reports how much alcohol is preferable to drink and how many days of abstinence are needed to be healthy and recovered.

Mainly, the reports are related to avoiding kidney and liver problems in the future, such as some hepatitis.

The main recommendation according to scientists is three days without alcohol and moderation in consumption.

In statements collected by El Paísthe deputy general secretary of the EASL, Aleksander Krag, recommended as “rules” to follow a minimum of three consecutive days without consuming alcohol, not to drink more than five units on each occasion (this would be the equivalent of half a bottle of wine) , and ten units a week.

Authorities in Great Britain also have a similar recommendation: according to collects the foundation British Liver Trustyou should not consume alcohol for two or three consecutive days a week and limit your intake to 14 units.

The units, however, must be taken into account, depending on the graduation of the drink and its volume.

As for these prevention policies, the experts point out some that can affect us, such as greater regulation of prices. An example of this would be the introduction of a minimum price per unit of alcohol. The idea is that the higher the price, the greater the incentive to moderate consumption.

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