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Scientific activists chain themselves to the Giralda to protest against the irrigation law in Doñana

A group of activists from Scientific Rebellion has chained himself to the Giralda in Seville to protest against the law that seeks to legalize irrigated crops in Doñana. Of the twenty protesters who have gathered around the Seville cathedral with banners and flares, six have chained themselves to the bars at the foot of the most iconic monument in the Andalusian capital and two to the bell tower.

Javier Castroviejo: “Doñana is on the brink of disappearance due to the impunity of those responsible and non-compliance with the laws”


It should be remembered that the initiative promoted by PP and Vox in the Parliament of Andalusia has been directly rejected by the scientific community, the CSIC, the director of the Doñana Participation Council, environmental associations, the central government and the European Commission, which He considers that if this bill is applied, the national park would be “deteriorated”.

The action took place shortly after 3:00 p.m., by surprise, among the people who were in the Plaza Virgen de Los Reyes in Seville, in front of the Giralda, the activists approached the base of the Seville tower and they have chained with padlocks on their necks. Of the activists who have participated in the protest, the majority have held banners with their demands, while six of them have chained themselves to the bars of the door of the Cathedral. Two more have been at the access to the Giralda viewpoint, and it has been necessary to close visits to the monument until the protest has ended.

Follow the advice of science

With colored flares and two banners on one of which could be read “Doñana resists” and on the other “In the face of the climate emergency: Action plan now!”, they have protested to “denounce the ecocide that is intended to be carried out in Doñana and climate inaction on the part of our governments”, according to what the participants themselves have expressed.

In addition, they demand “an immediate action plan, in accordance with the recommendations of science and with the participation of the entire society, through participatory democracy tools, such as binding citizen assemblies.”

After knowing the details of what the Andalusian Parliament is processing, a bill of the PP and Vox to expand irrigation in towns in the northern crown of Doñana, where strawberry and red fruit plantations abound, this organization has been put into action. March.

“Symbol of climate denial”

Jesús Castillo, professor of Ecology at the University of Seville, has maintained at all times that it was “a totally peaceful action of civil disobedience”, and has asked himself: “what would happen if the Seville Cathedral or the Giralda were dismantled and take out their bricks to make tourist apartments? Because both Doñana and the Giralda are UNESCO World Heritage Sites”, he recalled.

For her part, Verónica Huber, a professor at the University of Munich, maintains that “Doñana is a symbol of climate denialism”, and recalls that “this is approved at a time of emergency due to drought. The Board promises more water, it is absurd, and we are closing our eyes to the reality of climate change.

The activists who have chained themselves to the bars of the Cathedral have been identified by members of the National Police. An hour after the protest began, the firefighters broke the padlocks and the protest was dissolved, to the applause of the many people, mostly tourists, who were at the time in the access area to the Giralda.


Rebelión Científica (Scientist Rebellion) was founded in 2020 to urge the scientific and academic community to join nonviolent civil resistance in the face of the climate crisis. “We have been relying on writings and reports for decades and it has gotten us nowhere. It is time for people in the scientific community to start taking direct action against the greatest threat in our history,” they explain on their social media.

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