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Scientific explanation for alien abductions | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the most fascinating stories in science fiction and unproven reality has to do with the world of ufo, specifically the so-called “close encounters of the fourth type” or abductions, where people claim to be abducted by aliens for a specified time.

However, researchers at the Phase Research Center (PRC), a private facility in Moscow that investigates dreams, provided a scientific explanation for why these events would be triggered.

All this would have to do with what is known as lucid dreaming, where people are aware that they are dreaming and can then use that awareness to manipulate what happens in the dream.

The Russian center indicates that the prevalence of this type of phenomenon is 55 percent at least once in a lifetime and 23 percent at least once a month.

In an experiment done on 152 adults, a process that was documented in the International Journal of Dream Research, the results yielded the following:

“The researchers found that 114 of the participants reported dreaming of having some kind of successful interaction with an alien. Of these, about 61 percent described meeting aliens who resembled aliens from science fiction novels and movies, while 19 percent met aliens who looked like ordinary people, “according to the study.

But there are more revelations regarding these alleged alien abductions:

Conversations with aliens in dreams took place in 26 percent of the encounters, and 12 percent of the participants spoke with aliens in their dreams and interacted with them physically. UFOs appeared in 28 percent of the meetings, and 10 percent of the dreamers who saw UFOs described being carried inside an alien spaceship. “

Michael Raduga, principal investigator and founder of PRC, commented on this topic that “the feelings of paralysis, fear and helplessness in vivid dreams can be so powerful that they blur the line between dreams and reality, so it is not wonder that people who have unknowingly been dreaming instead insist that they actually met aliens who stole them and transported them to UFOs. “

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