Thursday, January 27

Scientists conclude that vaccines do work against omicron | Digital Trends Spanish

A team of South African scientists assured that the vaccines that currently exist for COVID-19 also protect against the omicron variant, recently recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “of concern.”

While few details are still known about this mutation, professionals noted in a study that vaccines remain the main tool to curb the virus. According to experts, the drugs can prevent the disease from being serious and requiring hospitalization.

A study on the omicron variant presented by the South African Genome Surveillance Network (NGS-SA) concludes that recent research focuses on the transmissibility and effect on immunity provided by current vaccines used against coronavirus.

The work also ensures that the PCR test is capable of detecting the new mutation without the need to carry out genome sequencing. This allows the variant to be tracked in real time without taking as long in the lab.

“A large part of the population is obtaining immunity from vaccines or passing the disease, so it is difficult to say what the evolution will be. The genetics of the omicron is completely different from the delta or the previous variants, ”says Richard Lessels, an expert in communicable diseases.

“Vaccines are the tool that can prevent the disease from being serious and requiring hospitalization.”

The study on omicron also shows that its transmissibility is higher and that it can even affect people with their full vaccination schedule.

However, inoculation prevents hospitalization and exacerbation of the disease.

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