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Scientists create a phone for dogs: the DogPhone | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of scientists from the University of Glasgow has created what to many may seem like no more than a utopia: a phone for dogs that allows dogs to communicate with their owners. Name? DogPhone.

The DogPhone is not exactly shaped like a telephone, but it does serve a similar function by allowing the pet to call its human owner remotely. Rather, it is a very soft ball that when moving sends the signal to a computer that makes the call to the human’s phone and also rings a telephone bell, so that the dog knows where it has to position itself to interact.

The design of the DogPhone went through several phases. Before its final version, it was considered a tennis ball, a stuffed animal, a plastic ball and even a wooden stick that dogs love to pick up.

The team’s lead researcher, Dr. Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, explains that pets can improve their lives and well-being by having greater control over their needs and the way they communicate them to others, particularly their owners. “Today there is technology to measure pets or even feed them remotely, but until now, dogs didn’t really have a lot of options.”

The device was tested by the doctor on her own pet, who of course made many calls by accident. Or, he called his owner but once the communication was established, he did not show much interest in the call.

However, the researchers believe that some of these calls may have been an accident only from the human perspective, but that perhaps the dog did indeed want to generate some kind of interaction.

The conclusion of the study says that this DogPhone is a way to show that dogs can control technology and that, consequently, it is possible to create devices specifically for them. Above all, thinking of those who must spend many hours of the day away from their masters and who, as a result, generate some type of emotional disorder.

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