Wednesday, July 6

Scientists create pacemaker that is reabsorbed in the body | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of scientists from the universities of Northwestern and George Washington designed a very special pacemaker, since it dissolves in the body once it is no longer needed.

The device operates wirelessly and without batteries; The energy it needs is obtained from a data transmission system similar to that of contactless payment systems. Based on studies with animals of various sizes, the wireless pacemaker was found to be very effective.

According to its creators, This pacemaker is perfect for patients who need such a device temporarily; for example, after surgery or a heart attack. Likewise, it can also be used by patients who are waiting for a definitive implant.

Even more important is the fact that, once the pacemaker has fulfilled its function, it dissolves in the body. All the components of the device are biocompatible, the scientists explain, and are reabsorbed by the body without any intervention in a period of between five and seven weeks.

The wireless pacemaker allows to eliminate some potential problems of temporary pacemakers, especially when they have to be removed from the patient, such as infections or clots, and although it is not something that happens too frequently, with the new design presented by the researchers the probabilities reduced.

Meanwhile, one of its greatest advantages is that it provides greater comfort in the days after a heart operation, since it allows movement and movement with greater ease without worrying about the cables and conduits that are part of traditional temporary pacemakers.

The expectations of the team of researchers are that these types of devices become widespread, taking into account that, according to them, there is a real need to improve temporary pacemakers.

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