Thursday, February 2

Scientists discover how to create lenses that do not fog up | Digital Trends Spanish

Raise your hand who has not been tarnished the glasses ever. Possibly you keep your limb down, because it is something that is unprecedented and that happens all over the world all the time.

But now a group of Swiss scientists say they have found the solution so that this never happens again.

Glasses fog up when hot steam comes into contact with your cooler lenses. This temperature fluctuation causes the vapor to turn into moisture, and your glasses fog up because they are wet.

The ETH Zurich team fixed these engineering problems taking a different approach. They developed a special gold coating that uses solar energy to produce heat. It does not require a battery or cables or any other components apart from the coating itself.

Gold-based passive heating for eyewear

The way it works involves placing small clumps of gold between ultra-thin layers of titanium oxide. Gold is a fantastic conductor of heat, and the titanium oxide layers amplify the metal’s retention enough to make it perfectly suitable for heating glass and similar surfaces.

The whole thing is only 10 nanometers thick (the processing size for some microchips) and can be used with other coatings, so it should work with transition lenses and for use on car windshields, for example. In fact, the scientists are keen to test the coating on other surfaces, such as windows and mirrors.

LThe researchers claim that It can heat the surface up to 8 degrees Celsius. That’s certainly enough to prevent steam from fogging up your lenses under common circumstances.

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